Updating Two Cute Swordswomen

Finally, after years of waiting, Soleil has a prf. It’s not called Lady Killer and it’s not exactly a stellar weapon but it’s here and I can update her without the fear of skills becoming redundant.

She’s been using speed refined Armoursmasher, DC, Wrath for years now but also uses Ninja Katana for quading Galeforce fun. I think I’m sticking with Galeforce but can now give her some new A/B/C skills.

Infantry dragonflowers are an issue.

Pretty straightforward build but any comment welcome.

The big issue for me is Hana. I like her from Fates and Heroes and now Soleil is vacating her armour killing role, I want to merge the little samurai but don’t really know what direction to go in. She’s pretty fast and speed always looks good but she’s attacking armours who’re typically slow and bulky so I’m thinking Atk/Def focused is better.

Unity for easy positioning Atk/Def, Null-F being essential given what all varieties of armours do with auto and anti follow-ups. Only thing I don’t have is the menace. Steady Breath seal means she can bait things and get round the guard effects on a certain insane emperor and nuke her with the bonus damage from Ruptured Sky. She can bait, barely survive and kill a +Atk +10 +10DF Atk/Def Solo seal Crazygard so long as the menace hit her and Crazy doesn’t have any buffs herself. Having only the no buffs qualifier already makes her by a large margin the best I can do against it.

I know, I know, there’s much better units who could do this with an Armoursmasher but of all the 3/4* swords, I like her the most after Soleil and I build my favourites. The only way I could regret this is if Selena (Fates) gets some great new art as a resplendent or IS go weird and make Severa a demote when she’s so popular. I’m really hopeful of Awakening this month so will be waiting to see about that second one.

So, thoughts on Hana’s build? I’m uncertain on it. Skills are good but maybe Def refine or Def boon even for added safety as either can survive if menace activated but the debuffs didn’t hit Crazy.


Since her Prf’s refine seems to want a PP build, unity skills might be hard to use effectively for melee PP units, so maybe Sturdy Impact or Surge Sparrow for longevity could be more effective.

NFU seems to be her best B skill, but Frenzy could also be an option against armors with damage reduction or HP restoration per hit (B!Edelgard, Gustav, B!Ephraim, V!Hector) that lack follow-up denials.

Atk/Def Menace is very good for her, but she could also use Time’s Pulse 3 for consistent special activation.

If what you want is an EP armor counter FTP unit, I would suggest other units like Tobin, Selena (Fates), Oboro or Bartre.


She is intended to me mixed phase, she’s unlucky being an early refine. Ideally she’ll be able to walk up to green armours and some reds and smack them dead in player phase even if the unity isn’t working.
My thoughts against anything but Null-F would be her main prey is green Edelgards which I see most of out of the high tier green armours, one of whom blocks follow-ups, the other auto-doubles.
Oboro is on the project list but for Hana, I’m not choosing to build an enemy phase armourkiller sword, I’m building Hana and trying to make someone I like good.

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Then her build is pretty much complete.
Maybe Sturdy Impact on A and Blade Session on SS instead of Steady Breath and the rest is perfect imo.

Her special refine suffers from being really early. Even then, I almost never use 200 dew on anything but the specials refines, and I’ll not be the one to recommend that. Nevertheless, if you really, really want it, you could go that route and give her the +Def refine.

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Same, effect refine only for dews. Was thinking if I did want to go +Def, I’d just use an Armousmasher and sacrifice the 2 more might.

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Honestly. It feels like it takes longer to get 200K worth of feathers than the number of dragonflowers it takes to hit the +20.

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I’m not an expert on Hana, so I’m gonna bitr my tongue until I get home (leaving work).

What I did with Soleil was this.

Because her PRF gives her an Firesweep effect, I felt like double-L&D was a good budget option that she could easily run to solid effect. Yeah, Null-C effects wpuld be a problem; but that’s what Close Call (Ideally, Frenzy; but that didn’t exist at the time and I’m not gonna waste great fodder giving her another DR skill) is for. Menace is to mitigate the loss of defenses and amplify the shit out of her SPD, giving her a nice 68 SPD on Menaced targets. Time’s Pulse would also be a good option for the CD reduction she needs to guarantee her Galeforce.


I never see a feather issue as I’ve done all the characters I love so they just keep building up then I +10 someone I like the look of just to use them. Flowers always look lacking as they’re constantly getting used.