Usage of edison?

Recently got him and he’s neither talked about much nor seen him on anyone’s support setup.

Other than being a weaker devilish bodhisattva for nitocris, jekyll etc. Is there any use for him? Or is he not worth using untill his first skill gets upgraded to 30% defense up and lowering skill cooldown?

Weaker devilish bottivah? How about double? It’s delicious getting Nitocris to 500 % so easily.

Besides that, he’s great for stalling. Np seal, skill seal, attack down, crit down… Get him spamming and the enemy gets rather impotent. I haven’t used him in this capacity much yet, but I’ve seen some of @jakeyb videos of him in action before that rank up.


He’s really slick with Tam and Waver courtesy of his OC supercharging, easy gauge building from multiple sources (and later CD reduction), and his NP giving the slick combination of NP Seal/Skill Seal/ATK and Crit Chance down. Like, it’s not talked about enough just how good crit chance down alone is in terms of leading to soloist/team survival, but in combination with ATK down on an NP you can reliably fire off frequently?

Dude’s mad niche and basically not someone you’d use outside of extremely limited secondary supporting or as an Arts-stall point, and he plays particularly slowly at that, but at that specific job he really doesn’t get enough love for his winning that battle of attrition.

A real Vlad situation, honestly, in terms of success in and outside of what he actually does well, except more people like Vlad a lot more, for starters.


To put it bluntly: do you like turtling and debuff-cheesing strats? If you do, and have some of the usual suspects to complement him (Tama, Jeanne, Waver, etc.), he can stall for days.

If you don’t like to spend thirty turns on an quest and dislike the unreliability of debuff-cheesing, then he is more or less useless. Low attack, long cooldowns, very low NP damage, little to no survivability…

In short, he is kind of like Uncle Vlad, but even more support-reliant. If you have the right team for him and can get the NP spam rolling, he can be a fun servant. If you don’t, he is pretty much a waste of space.

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can he work with asterios then? also is he the main damage dealer in tamamo/jeanne/waver/casgil or is it better to use him and another support for a stall team?

He would be the point in a comp involving any of Foxwife/Saint/Overworked Professor/Overworked Demigod, yes. Pitiful damage is still better than no damage, especially when you throw it out every few turns. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can imagine he might work with Fluffzerker, but purely in battles with high hitcounts as Fluffzerker’s still a frail defenseless bronze Zerker, on top of his gorilla deck making it harder to center Arts chains that drive such a comp. I could be proven wrong, but either way I imagine any such success would inherently be pretty niche in applicability.

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Basically this.

I ran a 9/9/9 Edison with Prisma Cosmos next to Waver and Tamamo and cleared tons of CQs.

The mindset you need to have is: no NP for you!

But it does, um, take a long time to clear things. :upside_down_face:

I originally got inspiration from ka ga’s Kama clear video


It’s akin to my argument with Jeanne, who can similarly safely work through more than a fair number of CQs in her own way through sheer attrition (though in terms of broad applicability I’d put solo Jeanne way above): Sure, if you actually can then taking the speedier option is likely just going to get you your win safer, but a win is a win and this particular style is incredibly safe (and still gets you the same reward, lol), while ensuring your victory. A protracted battle does not always inherently mean you’re slowly whittling away your chances of victory.

Quirky and gimmicky but it’s not like this isn’t widely applicable so long as you can keep up with facecards (which often both cases can). If you can? There’s your win!


But unlike Jeanne I really wouldn’t run Edison with anything other than Waver + Tamamo.

And his debuffs can miss so there’s still a certain level of RNG

But I do think that NP drain + NP seal is a lot safer than throwing up Jeanne’s invuln (plus…Edison’s NP does damaged so that’s a bonus, I guess).

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I mean how a Jeanne solo can trivialize so much it’s just kind of silly, not in team play where she’s there to no-sell NPs for the team. And not in terms of competition either, just Edison doesn’t get enough love in how reliable his style is assuming you can run it, not dissimilar from the aforementioned approaches.

Although, yeah, Edison’s being restricted is kind of unfun in itself even if I like the three lol.


I actually made a thread that involves Edison a long ways back, it’s not all that long, so you can check it out. Really fun to use actually.

I think that’s a bit of a over-dramatization. The two setups I show in that thread are 12 turns and 18 turns, roughly half what you’re suggesting.
The debuffs are pretty reliable from my experience. Not sure if later in the Lostbelt era if that changes, but it’s been pretty consistent, only had debuffs miss on characters like Waver or Nursery Rhyme or Archuria where they have an innate chance to miss.
The low attack is definitely undeserved, he should have a higher stat or at least higher health to compensate, but at least you can toss 3 star fous on him to counter that a bit, mine’s been fine like that.
Cooldowns aren’t so bad since he’s typically on Arts teams, so you’ll only miss out on the stars for a bit, charging NP will still be easy.
Survivability does come into play a bit, if you don’t bring a Tamamo you’ll probably have no healing in your team setup, but if you have all three servants with NP seal or NP drain NPs then you can more reliably keep the enemy’s/enemies’ NPs at bay, so depends which strategy you go for. Often I go for more NP stalling instead of healing because of no hard defense and they typically all survive until the enemy is dead. Doesn’t hurt to have a backup though.

Haven’t tried him with Asterios yet, but since mine is grailed to level 70 now I should really try that out.

I disagree. I definitely agree on the Waver part, I always pair those two (the stun is great for buying more time to fire off NP stalling NPs), but the third member is quite variable. I’ve used Tamamo, Nursery Rhyme, Archuria, and BB off the top of my head. Might try Mordred Summer as well if I haven’t already, and I’m open to trying out other Arts servants.

Really afaict, outside of the sporadic bosses with Debuff Immunity full stop (which does happen), it’s primarily Mental Debuff Immunity, which is a crucial difference and not at all one that’d affect Edison… no less since that all started to nerf Euryale in the first place. (Of course, the girl still melts Male enemies to the point where you can comfortably blitz with her, and continue to do silly stuff, but that’s another subject.) And yes, agreed in terms of reliability. Occasionally you can get funky courtesy of MR, though if one’s got CasGil access he can ameliorate that issue for a short time too.

I’ll check out that post later. I forget what I did for him. I might have just thrown Euryale at him, or BB.

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