Use for Chiron NP levels

What would you guys do with 3 Chirons? NP2 and 1 esport copy? NP3?

I don’t even use the Chiron I have, but I’d just increase his NP level for more damage if you ever cast it.

I figure he is just an arts ST damage dealer to tie me over until I get my own chloe next year and even at NP3 he won’t be outdamaging her

Yeah, but how likely are you to use an extra copy of him? That’s how I look at it.

It depends on how much you see yourself using him and how. Investing into 2 Chirons is not cheap. A lot of esports servants are usually level 1, as their S1 is what’s useful so they don’t require a big investment. Chiron needs both his S2 and S3 to serve his role as a support, so that’s at least 3 ascensions plus the mats to have his last 2 skills at 10.

You can also run a level 80 Chiron with poster girl just fine, he just won’t die in 1 turn, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your setup. I run my fully raised Chiron in PG setups with mostly no problems. NP2 to NP3 may not be a big leap, but its still more damage, so if you want to alternate between using him as your main ST archer and a support I’d say just raise one at NP3 as he can serve both roles at max level.

That’s my take on it at least. Its up to you if you want to raise 2 or not.


Np3 him. Raising separate copies of a servant is a pain. Just use him a s a semi supp. That’s what I do with ozy(that is I use him even where he has no class advantage but still bring him to actual fights.


NP 3 him, more NP levels are always good, if you get a sixth Chiron burn that one, don’t burn servants till they are NP 5

He can work as that but he also is a good support


Sometimes 40k vs neutral and def down before your class advantage dps is just what the node needs. I do that all the time instead of waver / merlin support


I bring him for def down atk up np charge and NP seal. Semi supp indeed