"Use items to evolve Pokemon 15 times" quest for level 42

Glad I hoarded my Sinnoh Stones and Unova Stones, but wondering which Pokemon to use them on. How likely are Electabuzz, Magmar, Sneasel and Yanma to feature in a Community Day or other special event with an exclusive move that makes them much stronger in PvE? Of course, I can safely evolve Piloswine but not Rhydon.

Electabuzz and magmar just had theirs and are unlikely to come again in the next two yrs… Especially electivire has the most powerful moves anyway. Sneasel also has very powerful moves, but I don’t know about payback? Yanma is not that interesting anyway. Also roselia is coming soon, so you might want to wait until then…


Payback is bad in PvE, worse than Crunch and Foul Play. The only 1-bar move of dark type.

You and your 1-bar move trauma :D
Is it really worse than crunch? Too lazy to do sims right now…
Granted though, weavile is fragile so staying with the shorter move is at least reasonable

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It is actually worse than Crunch. Payback: 45.5 DPExDPS, Crunch: 46.4 DPExDPS, Dark Pulse: 42.7 DPExDPS

And here we were hoping for a good Dark-type move for PvE! :laughing:

@hkn to your original question: not gonna lie, anything is possible. Niantic hasn’t stuck to any ‘norm’ for the last year when it comes to Community Days. They even had a re-run of a CD that was voted against so…:man_shrugging: Maybe there will be a “Yanma day” to give it Night Slash or Signal Beam, who knows. That said, Electivire, Magmar, Sneasel, and Piloswine are pretty safe. Roserade also has it’s CD coming up and will probably reward with Sinnoh stones too.

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Oh, I thought dark pulse was better than crunch. Why is ttar considered so bad then, just because of bite? Cause darkrai is usually in the top of dark attackers with dark pulse

I believe the main problem is Crunch. Sure, Bite has it weaknesses too, but Crunch is worse. Giving TTar Snarl instead of Bite paired with Crunch raises its DPS so barely it isn‘t worth noting. Giving it Foul Play instead of Crunch paired with Bite would make a far bigger difference. Just for example. Also, Payback on TTar would actually increase its DPS. But again just very barely. Payback could‘ve shaken up the Dark scene, but unfortunately didn‘t.

Crunch has worse DPS than Dark Pulse but because its a 3-bar and has decent damage-per-hit, its overall performance is slightly better (DPExDPS). None of them are particularly good. Compare them with Grass Knot, Shadow Ball, or Dynamic Punch which are at ~60 DPExDPS.

T-tar’s overall attack stat isn’t as high as its competition plus Bite is the worst Dark-type fastmove (in terms of DPS+EPS) though I’m not sure why Feint Attack under-performs it on the DPS spreadsheet… :confused: As @PokeprofJulian said, Foul Play is what would allow it to perform best:

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Evolve a bunch of Panpour/Simipour/whatever the other one is. They’re regionals so very unlikely to get a Community Day or special event.

Minccino would be the best bet for using a unova stone imo especially if there are excess.
It is a normal type and the op does not want to evolve something which could become a force in pve if it gets a better moveset.
The other items are actually a much better use for this task
such as
evolving sunkern or petalil with sunstone
porygon with upgrade
slowpoke with king’s rock
as for sinnoh stones gligar won’t make pve waves regardless of what happens to it

Minccino? What to use that for in pve? I thought chandelure is currently the only unova stone pve-valuable mon?

not to use. to complete the quest easily like how the elemental monkeys were also suggested. my post was not clear on that though😅. I fixed it now

Ah, I thought I overlooked something (.cinccinos stats are not that bad) :D
I threw them all away except one I think :joy::see_no_evil:

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possibly the only normal types worth using are shadow porygon z with ice hidden power against rayquaza and similar
and shadow snorlax against giratina
maybe regigigas though i don’t even have one so no idea

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Haha, yea regigias. I even have a good one, but hidden power is not that good and I don’t have a usable hidden power (normal or fighting) anyway… never thought about shadow snorlax with outrage, haha. Guess it is not even in the top 20 anyway…

Darkrai has much higher attack stat, and Snarl is the best PvE fast move in the game. The differences between Dark Pulse, Foul Play and Crunch are minor (their DPS×DPE all between 40-50).

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Which fast move is better usually depends on which charge move it pairs with. Bite is damage oriented while Snarl is energy oriented. When paired with moderate charge moves like Crunch and Foul Play, their difference is small. If paired with very powerful charge moves like Crabhammer and Meteor Mash, the difference will widen greatly. This is why Waterfall is preferred with Surf while Water Gun/Bubble is preferred with Hydro Cannon.

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Furthermore, DPS×DPE always overestimate the performance of single-bar moves. There are many examples: Grass Knot/Solar Beam on Roserade, Drill Run/Earthquake on Excadrill, Sky Attack/Brave Bird on Honchkrow etc. The above 1-bar moves have relatively higher DPS×DPE, but their moveset DPS are lower than the 2-bar competitors.

This is exactly why it is important to look after specific raid counters, optimally in sim-oriented sites such as pokebattler. For example hydro pump on gyarados has a 25s (or so) average advantage over the three bar low damage aqua tail when used vs groudon. This is different vs other raids

nah, trash them on random Roselias you’ll get next CDay :D

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