Use your pencils! You have less than 10 hours!

Enjoy being stuck in AP pergatory for a while.

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god, I remember when I had like 3k back when I was farming books and orbs like crazy for my madoka

a hell of my own making

least it allowed me to clear out the shop, and thank ■■■■ for auto

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wish fgo had auto

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tbh, the only way I’d want auto with fgo is if I could map commands for it to do on loop

like magireco dumbass ai can at least be compensated by having everyone out at once

fgo, I’d probably have to forego bond farming backline for the higher difficulty nodes. which are about the only ones worth grinding on 95% of the time

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I’ve only run a handful of missions this week. Still not finished even Ch3, much less doing any events or dailies. FGO takes up most of my available time, and after that, there’s stuff I want to grind in Destiny 2–but even that has been on hold with the Summer event :slight_smile:

So pencils? Haven’t got a single one.

well that was a nice bonus

bruh moment

Hi kind of neglected to farm it…
Should I at least by the ce? Is it worth?
I will by as many as kyoko magical materia before is over

probably not,
their effect seems meh
and even if u do buy them,
you only need 5 copies to mlb
so grab 5 if you really want to

Phew, managed to used up all but ~10 pencils before passing out last night.

I’m jealous