Ushiwakamaru (Assassin) General Discussion

Because I haven’t seen @Sizzle in a few months but I did always like when we had these after a write up to see other opinions

An AoE Assassin with an actual NP charge is rare (I don’t count Cleo really since it’s spread out over a few turns). However, it’s 40%, which is awkward, to say the least (which we’ll also get with Summer Jeanne Archer as well). Battle Olympia gives 60% at MLB, but is Arts/Buster, and Bodhisattva gives 60% at MLB (I guess Ushi’s OC effect isn’t bad - doesn’t say it activates first though, and if you’re clearing the wave it won’t matter).

From the review:

Without proper support, her damage will be low and can be easily outdone by a 1-star Berserker against even Riders.

According to Ein Inferno, NP1 Ushi will do about 14.6k damage (neutral) to each enemy. Spartacus does 14k (but will never be neutral); Bunyan about 11k (but again, that’s neutral and she’ll have advantage). Neither of them are going to have as good a time of NPing a 2nd time though.

Buff removal is :fgo_goodciv:. Evade tied to her attack steroid is :fgo_badciv:

Also, imo her mats aren’t bad - all Silver, no Bronze or Gold. Not needed in terribly high quantities. Rings might stop newer players being locked behind LB2, but otherwise shouldn’t be too hard to max her out if you want to.


Just wanted to add that Imaginary Element has a 60% NP charge, non-MLB. Having in mind that it is a SR CE it might be easier to obtain than the others mentioned, although if I recall correctly it has mixed stats.

50% would be ideal, but 40 is not bad at all. Especially with the lack of farming Assassins (Semiramis and Cleo only fill the niche, but Semiramis’ battery is lower). Ushi might be good for deleting a second wav: she can get an instant NP with a 60% charge CE which is great for flexibility in comps, especially lacking a Caster support.

That 0.9x attack modifier really screws up offensive Assassins though :fgo_coffee:


Knights of Marines is also 60% and Quick-focused. But in reality Ushi will see use with Scope and double Skadi. I think that she could go the Zerkerlot route (Superscope + 2004) to avoid plugsuit but someone else can confirm


Yes, that’s a good point regarding Imaginary Element.

I was thinking of CEs that might boost her damage/card effectiveness more since most people would assume that Kscopes and IE would be a good choice for a farmer, but it was still wrong of me to not mention it at all.


Not the biggest fan of her kit even if I like Ushi as a character. Easily outclassed as a looper and needs strict requirements for that (looking at superscope and more if we’re talking non-Plug-based farm), interesting but nothing too helpful for me as an AOE point. Also, S. Scathach already exists for farming a W2/3 in non-5-slot comps.

Frankly, I actually just don’t think she’s very good regardless of how much your prioritize loop potential (at which she’s bad to simply okay), or other matters in standard farming (we’ll get Gray for one), or unique points (her kit’s problems are too problematic for me even with its positive in mind). Will probably wait for solo Iba day.


Low assassin damage modifier and no easy NP levels doesn’t give a very good impression to me. I feel that even if I got her, I’d continue to use Scathach Assassin instead since she will have a better damage output overall. I’d be different if I got multiple copies, but I’m not expecting such a thing to happen.
And that design… just no.


I have no experience with her, but from what I’ve seen other places she requires plugsuit either to

A) Swap in Waver for his charge (with this she can work with a non-MLB Kscope)
B) Swap in Nero Bride for NP gain (and also maybe her charge and this is post-buff?)
(Also these only ever mention Riders I just don’t think she has the damage to clear neutral waves)

But I could very easily be wrong and so if anyone has experience with her or has seen that work on YouTube or something, please share.

At least the quick up is 3T, so you can dodge an np and then np herself the next 2 turns with the buff still up.

I certainly wouldn’t mind having her, especially since she shares Jeanne’s banner… But I need to save for waver…


We’re talking post-buff Bride or Waver most optimally (though Reines/Asc can also work in terms of patching up, with obvious drawbacks of their own instead of the other two), and superscope as a standard to not further screw over her damage or to make up for her refund - which, frankly, is terrible. Plug + [Servant] is her default, and even NP5 her damage isn’t currently outstanding, so you definitely aren’t rolling her for loop shenanigans.

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The 5 Star CE from Skadi’s banner is a 60% + 15% crit and 200% gather rate (but MLB for those who had to spend a good bit getting Skadi or not). But anyway, Ushi does have three 4-hit Quick card so the Extra crit damage and gather rate from that CE might be a nice synergy with the stars produced.

That aside, I just noticed that she has Riding A+ And 11% crit-up passive . She also has a low cooldown 5 turn Evade skills there + 3 turn Quick up effectiveness up. I don’t know about her 3rd skill’s buff removal gimmick (40% chance to remove doesn’t seem to reliable).

It looks pretty solid to me.

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Since it’s when she attacks, it’s actually likely to be consistent if you use the entire skill correctly. A brave chain gives a pretty high chance of the removal working.


I was going to comment on this too

She’s good if you missed out on Summer Shishou but nothing remarkable outside of that, sadly.

At NP2 and above her battery makes her excellent for farming

But her damage at NP1 is too low.

Why does DW keep giving us 4* assassins with low steroids :fgo_badciv:


Again stealing from Ein Inferno:

NP2 is about 20k neutral, up from 14.6k (always the biggest jump). ~24k at NP5.

But still, Grey has been mentioned by Tetragoner and does more at every level (but will be NP5 bc welfare); Semiramis does more will do more at NP1 than Ushi at NP5 once her buff comes if you have her/can borrow her; same with Shuten. NP5 Fuuma even outdamages Ushi at NP2, or is roughly equal at least.


I will concede to probably, personally, underestimating her buff removal skill… but I’d still generally prefer straight up buff removal, and not tied to Debuff Immune or a Star Gather, lord knows how many times I’ve used the latter to accelerate popping an NP or as part of a bar-breaking chain or whatever else. They’re all good things but I’m not fond of them all together and all particularly for 1T which makes it easy to ‘waste’ any particular effect (without pre-planning anyway).

@Zero-Ordered-1 Yeah her stargen is silly, as in actually absurd to the point of excess well before other buffs. But I’d happily trade a fair bit of that constant star rain for easier to handle skills and/or actually good steroids (in every circumstance, although I’d only use her as a farmer so you can intuit my feelings otherwise).

@The_Wyandotte Plus, Gray-tan has an anti-Undead powermod you can make use of as well, which is actually one of the less niche Traits to have as part of your kit (definitely not frigging Katou).


Yeah, she’s mostly good for f2p with bad CE luck

40% battery means a regular IE works with her

Clear W1 or a weak W2 (like on a fang node)


I’ve seen a lot of people saying Ushi isn’t worth it primarily because Scathach is better, but there are plenty of players who weren’t playing during Summer 1 or the rerun (myself included).

She’s going to plug some AoE assassin holes in my lineup.


More thoughts, I just remembered: I love her facecards, I just wish I didn’t actually hate her NP. I get what it is supposed to convey, but it feels like a really bland, really boring slideshow to me. Which… isn’t the best thing in the world when the NP is a Servant’s centerpiece.

Also some elaboration as to why I find her unremarkable otherwise: Her damage, as noted, is crap (short of chasing more NP levels you could very well miss). If I’m bringing her for challenging content, it’s because I would hope for her to do fine even against neutral. Amakusa for example can do that plenty well with even his modest buffs given his high NP uptime and resiliency (despite not having any hard survival, he’s damn durable). Gil, for another, is also able to steamroll even against not-advantaged enemies. Ushi? She struggles even with advantage, which makes me nope out of the idea of using her for that, and see her as more a farmer than anything else.

Could well be proven wrong, sure. But I’m… still not the biggest fan regardless.

(Also, far be it from me to tell people who to roll for. I don’t care. But this is a discussion, and I definitely don’t have to have wholly positive thoughts; lord knows my contribution to the Danzou General Discussion amounted to “At least she’s a good lady, and very very cute.”)


I definitely think Lancer Ibaraki is the better 4* from this round (and I’m sure when that review gets posted there will be some argument over if Lancer Ibaraki is better than Raikou and I’m sure bc I’ll be arguing she is) and that most people can skip Ushi safely.

If you don’t have Scathach from Summer 1, Ushi will be a fine replacement until Grey comes. If you like Ushi’s character this is a useable Servant (some kits are just bad, full stop).

If it wasn’t for NP damage I’d actually say Ushi might be better just bc I’ve always found Assassin Scathach’s kit to be all over the place. (If you’re taunting do you use S2 at the same time so they reduce damage, or wait for S2 so they have something to heal from?) Plus a 1T Quick buff and an OC effect that will absolutely almost never proc.

But for wave clearing you want NP damage, not card damage.


The real Assassin I’m waiting for


She’s not bad, but I want the event for Reines