Using bond 10 servants?

  • Use other servants to progress on free quarts and bond ce’s
  • Use b10 because they’re more useful/efficent

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Do you guys keep using bond 10 servants or use other servant to farm their bonds?
Doing dailies in multiple turns is fine but i feel like its a waste of time during events.
All of my farming servants(arash, kiyohime, spartacus) are bond 10 so i have been using other aoe servants with batteries as substitutes but Im not sure if its worth it…


If most Bond CEs weren’t hot garbage, I’d consider caring about efficiently grinding for them, but with the insane grind needed to max Bond a Servant (before even taking Levels 11-15 in account in the future), it’d feel more of a waste to limit yourself in hopes that a few measly fights here and there are going to make enough of a difference and feel worth the effort for such a little reward in return


Mixed bag for me.

So far I’ve not stopped using arash, in fact I just rewarded him with gold boarders 3 months after bond 10. All my other bond 10 servants are emiya, herc, cu, and kojirou. Herc and cu really only come out if I think I need a LMS, which isn’t often. Kojirou I like to play with on low key rider nodes. Emiya… I don’t think I’ve used since.

Of those upcoming on bond 10…I doubt I’ll stop using saberlot and Nitocris. Saberlot is my favorite servant gameplay wise and Nitocris is just too useful. But ridertoki, og Medusa, and Liz lancer… I’ve got other options now like ozy, riderin, Parvati.

So high enjoyment of playstyle and usefulness is my main driver for continued use.


I generally tend to use other servants when it comes for farming, unless they’re absolutely necessary like Arash or whatever, but even then I can generally replace him. When the bond points over 10 get added later on, I’ll go back to using servants like Raikou.


I’m really waiting for that though. It really can’t come sonner. :grimacing:

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I don’t care about bond 10 xD

If I can complete something easier with a bond 10 servant then I’ll use them. Bond isn’t really important to the game.


I use who I prefer basically whenever. Eventually J&H will be B10, and not because I ever use him, but because I need a warm body for holding +MC/Bond CEs. I still bring Okita out, because I like her. Arash and Spartacus are still two of my mainstays, because they’re broadly applicable while generally still allowing me to 3 slot for Free Quest farming, and only way I’d go up is if I used Plug which I only bother with when necessary.

So yeah, don’t especially care, especially not when it takes so long as mentioned to grind bond levels.

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I really dislike the felling of wasting bond points so I seldom use my bond 10 servants. (This includes OG Umu, OG Martha, Ilya and Chloe) I only field then when necessary/preferable for CQs, events effects, and what not.

I really want that bond level enhancement to come so I can use it on maxed bond servants I enjoy while saving myself the sensation of having wasted bond points.

I’ll need this once I complete the X³ Team for all three of its members too.


I only have 2 bond 10 servants: herc and emiya, and I haven’t used them since simply because I have other servants for their roles (last man and AoE archer) and I hate the feeling on wasting bond points.
when farming daily quest I tend to use AoE servants that I don’t typically use to spread out bond points gained. But I do have some farmers coming up on bond 10 (OG saber and arash) so I will probably still use them if I don’t have other reasonabke options.

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Never unless it’s lotto time or challenge quests/boss fights.

Waiting for those blessed bond grails this winter.

Shelving bond 9-10 doesn’t matter to me though since I like using a mix of characters and as a f2p, nothing is more important than quartz.


I won’t going to stop using a servant just because is Bond 10


I tend to shelf a servant for the most part if they’re bond 10. Typically there are others that can do the job and it forces me to get used to using a different servant.

There are exceptions of course, for instance in Setsubun where servants had a cooldown for you to use them again, so it was nice bringing out my bond 10 servants again even if that event is rough as far as the sheer amount of time it takes to complete even if the difficulty is low.
As for other exceptions:

  • FSN Cu sometimes gets tossed on the back when I’m not sure if the others can fully complete the job, but that’s not very often since in those cases I ended up not needing to bring him.
  • I think I brought Proto Cu off the bench once or twice for a difficult Wild Beast battle.
  • Herc I think a brought off the bench for a boss or two, not sure.
  • Emiya, Carmilla, Cu Caster and Angra have stayed on the bench, though I know a few times I was tempted to bring Carmilla off the bench for more anti-female damage.

Though when certain really useful units reach bond 10 (such as Waver, Drake, Altera and Arash) it’ll be more difficult to avoid taking them off the bench, but that’s why I’m glad the bond grails are coming up.

More recently I’ve adjusted my bond farming backline to characters whose bond CEs I’d like to try out but I’m not likely to use that servant much (like Kiyohime) since if I farm up someone’s bond who would already get plenty of bond from general use then they’ll hit the cap and get shelved without me using them much, which wouldn’t be good (this happened with Herc).

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Bench4Quartz, so most of them get retired by Bond 9 unless they are super favorites or extremely useful.

Even benching my best 5* servants i still have some powerful 4* options to replace them and keep efficiency to a certain extend. My Raikou is benched, but Lancelot and Lalter are still on their bond prime, both have similar functionality.

The one i can’t replace just yet is Jalter against Assassin bosses because i don’t have a powerful ST Caster, but that’s an extremely specific situation and sometimes Ibaraki can get the job done …but she can’t crit well so Jalter is still a far better pick against high health enemies.

My Arash and Nitrocris are still up and running somehow too. It was a good thing to not get a Kaleidoscope until very late, i never used Arash until the 2nd year.


I brought out my bond 10 Nero just for Saber Wars, but that is it. Martha who is bond 10 is permanently benched with no event in sight that will un-bench her. I even don’t use certain servants as much if they are bond 9, like Tamamo, because i would hate for her to reach bond 10 too soon with months to go before bond grails.


Heck, that reminds me.

I do rarely bring out Martha. But it is most definitely not due to her being B10, as much as it is her niche and semi-replaceable kit (especially if I only need party cleanse or only need buff removal).


Most farming I can do without using them; for lotteries if I can manage a 4T team without using Arash or something instead of using him for 3T, I’ll let him stay on the sidelines.

Story chapters and normal free quests I can easily do without them.

And I’ll try to do CQ without them bc I can always use them on a rerun when it doesn’t give bond points anyway.

If they are useful and cannot be replaced, I keep using them.

Yeah, I rarely use my Martha too.

only time i use bond 10 servants:

  1. challege quests/content
  2. farming lottos are made easier with them
  3. they give extra whatevers in events

Yeah. Actually I don’t think I used her that much before she became bond 10. I got her during the early days of the game where every gold servant was valuable just because they could be leveled higher without having more levels locked behind ascension mats. I think she spent alot of time in the back of parties too.

I was just saying she doesn’t have any events where she provides a bonus to un-bench her.