Using Fort. def/res 3


Just wondering how you would go about utilising this skill, is it something that you should only really put on a distant/close counter unit, or are there reasons to use it on other units besides those? I’ve been tempted to put it on my summoner supported unit even though he doesn’t have dc and it might just be pretty to look at stats, however it would make him insanely bulky with 55hp and over 40 in both def and res. Just very interested snd curious about the skill, anyone have any thoughts?


If we ever get DC or CC as a Sacred Seal this skill used in combination would destroy the meta.


Units that have DC weapons and mixed tanks are the best users of the skill. Even if the unit doesn’t have DC, they can still make use of the incredible bulk the skill gives, allowing them to be incredible walls that can slow down units (if they have Guard especially) and nuke with things like Bonfire/Ignis.


There are…a lot of ways to use it

Obvious candidates are units who are tanky by nature and who have either DC or guard on their weapon

Ploy artists, especially mage tanks, like this skill. Very solid on Julius (though maybe steady stance 4 better for him? His def is the weak point and his res is already high enough to ploy pretty consistently), quite strong on Oliver (whose def is actually relatively decent for his type of statline and not too bad by general standards)

And then there are some units with marginal bulk who can turn into tanks such as Odin, Legault, and Tharja. Legault has, like, 23/19 or something? in his defenses, but give him a res refine, give him 10 merges, give him some dragonflowers, give him this skill, and give him blessings from Gunnthra and Hrid (who love his debuffs), and he’ll reach 38-ish mixed defenses. Then add, say, atk smoke, flashing blade, special spiral, and aether, and yeah he will tank. (Especially when Gunnthra and Hrid’s B-slots can put a huge dent in the opponent’s most aggressive attackers.) Or Odin, he starts with 25/25 which already isn’t bad, but 10 merges, +6 tactics buffs (which he wants for damage anyways), and this thing, and he has 41 mixed defenses. Tharja starts with something like 23/20 but her prf inflicts -4 on her opponent’s atk so it’s like 27/24 which is very similar to Odin.


There’s a lot of merit to having it on an Arena cheerleader if the unit has decent defenses. In addition to being a high-scoring skill, it greatly increases the chances of being able to take a hit for the bonus unit, and slightly reduces the chances of stealing the kill on counterattack.