Using GP Ops planner for the first time

So I went to use the Gamepress Ops planner to track how much materials I would need to E2 my second batch of operators.
Ok then 3.5m LMD, here I come. :upside_down_face:

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Who could have guessed 13 E2s would be expensive? :stuck_out_tongue:




The grind must go on!!

And heck yea Indraa ftw.


I usually only use the planner to keep track of the next two or three promotions/skill masteries I’m aiming for. Anything past that usually just says “yeah, you need lots more of everything.” Right now also using it to get a general idea of how much I’ll be able to level my CC team before the event hits, so I don’t try to spread it too much.

Yea that was my original goal actually, just to get a general feel of how much materials I need to E2 the Ops I want, but I got carried away adding them in.