Using her bond ce?

I know normally youre better of equipping other ce’s instead of bond ones but while farming nerofest she become bond 10 and I realized her ce basicially golden sumo but for the whole frontline ;
Since her own stats good she doesnt need the extra stats from ce’s (100 is enough)
additonally I can give another dps golden sumo and a support in frontline to one shot people in random quests/ farming.
Any ideas on who to use as secondary dps? Im thinking a st servant would do but not sure who can work with her

Pretty much anyone tbh. Any high damage servant, anyways. Since it isn’t specific card damage or NP buff, it’s useful for literally every offensive servant.


TBH even with this being Golden Sumo-esque, by virtue of fielding Altera specifically, you’re better off slapping an Ox King or whatever on her than this if you wanted to optimize damage for 3T shenanigans. She’s not a support, has only modest supportive capabilities (literally just her NP, which requires using her NP, and a star bomb inferior to the lower Cost Mozart’s Skill 3)… unless you want her for her Tactics I guess, for which Caesar can replace her and do better given his equal NP Up, a Charisma (which is already stronger than her bond CE at L9), and targetable stargen/crit amp. This includes regular daily quests or harder ones.

Specific recs would have to depend on the map too, but it’d be notable for those with a card or NP up in-kit since then you’d automatically have one more to the trifecta of NP Up/card type/ATK up. SaberLiz with a Kscope, Siegfried with Kscope for Babylonia stinger farmer (NP Up + ATK Up + powermod + Buster), Nobbu to add to her SE traits bonuses if applicable, various other Servants like so.

E: I can see this changing (and am obviously open to potentially having missed more optimal niche circumstances, since I definitely do not know everything) with her most latest SQ bumping the NP Up and making it 3T at least, but as of right now, so far, there have been all sorts of better options for me even here, as someone that got her bond CE many months ago. 25 Cost is just painful if we’re not talking Waver/Bride/others + bond CE, to me.