Using Mash in pseudo singularity

Spoilers I guess?

Now I know what will happen with Mash later on in the story, but right now on NA it feels really weird to use Mash in anything past Solomon. I know gameplay wise she’s back but story wise she isn’t really able to fight so I’m always KIND OF conflicted about using her.

The thing is I have NO defensive servants apart from her and kind of Hans, so now I’m kinda forced to use her to continue in a specific fight.

Does anyone else have a weird problem like that? xD
I know it may sound stupid but I just luv ma immersionnn!


well I like to think that Da Vinci made an android clone of her for us to use. It’s stupid but I hey need Mashu’s shield more then I need my immersion.

You’re not the only one, watching the new Babylonia anime and seeing her in her prime. Only to come back to Fate GO and realize that she no longer fights in the main story. Though anybody who knows Lost Belt knows that Mash was never a Pseudo Servant confined to just one spirit origin.

I sort of understand. For the sake of immersion I have and probably will continue to do things that debilitate my team during the story events.

Only use her when you really need to. You can think of it like a self imposed challenge. Also a different servant gets bond points in her place. If you’ve lost a battle three times or more, bring her out and try not to worry about it.

I’ve managed to get through most of the EoR Story Events without using Mash. I bring her out for the non story / filler events and if I need her for CQs.

Same for me, I deliberately avoid using Mash in EoR. So far I’m okay without her (done with #1 and Agartha just a few weeks ago). Shimosa might give me some trouble though… but I’m not planning to clear that, or Salem until this year ends…

I have been kinda considering leveling up Boudica and Georgia’s for this reason.

I mean, why though? Do you have all of the servants you use from the Support list? Do you only take/use servants that appear in the course of the story? Mash is no special case here.

Use what you need to enjoy yourself and get through the content. Don’t get caught up on countering the lore at the time because you have to split the gameplay from the story.

I would like to think that I will one day get them for myself and could have cleared the singularity then. Borrowing a friend support simply expedites the process. It’s still great to go through the story only with what you have like Honako Green.

I get the idea, at least. I do sometimes wish I had the option to just go in without a friend support (including forced supports a la Musashi here). One reason I look forward to Setsubun.

Anyway for the topic at hand I can’t actually remember the last time I used my favorite eggplant kouhai, whoops. For my budget run vs Memorial Salter I think? She’s great fun but she’s also incredibly strong, which can just become kinda… boring.

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Mash has almost never left my front line for the majority of the main story up to Solomon, and I used her for most of Shinjuku as well. After that though, I started to get more interested in farming bond points, so I tried to make the most out of the remaining EoR Singularities, which consequently meant keeping her off my team. I tend to favor defensive strategies in general though, so I still bring her out for events and challenge quests, or if I can’t get past a certain battle any other way. I totally get the immersion sentiment though, it’s why I always opt for story supports over just cheesing battles with a friend’s maxed out Merlin or something like that.

Oh, it’s not a matter of farming BP for me (that I couldn’t care less about), but I def get that too. Nowadays I literally just take the bare minimum for non-serious/boss Story Quests (support with Personal Lesson, my own, relevant 1-2 DPS’), and call it a day lmao.

And it’s great how even now DW has just flippin’… given people one of the cheapest, strongest, defensive units in the entire game this side of Jeanne, for free. I used to use her a loooot during Y1 out of fondness and it’s so funny how easily she can build gauge between her latter two skills. Story supports though I stopped bothering with after Okeanos and didn’t return to until, uh… Babylonia then Shimousa. Even when everyone was still building their rosters it was incredibly annoying having to deal with that underleveled nonsense.

Honestly I agree. She hasn’t seen much use from me since Solomon because I like my thematics when it comes to this. I have broken ONE time and that was with the Shuten and Raikou duel in Shimosa. When she came with us in Salem I was so dang happy, she’s currently in my lineup as I have four casters I’m trying to bond up and they’re all SSRs with bond CEs on them. She’s in the backline sadly because I’m doing to represent how she’s with us…but she still can’t fight like she used to. That idea still kills me on the inside, cuz SOMEONE is a jerk and won’t help his sister out! And it seems to frustrate her to no end just like it does me. Anyways, long story short, I love Mash…she’s still one of my core servants in CQs, but until LBs happen story wise, she won’t be in my frontline until then (annnnd even then I’m likely to use her OG kit because it’s so useful with my teams)

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You can just think of her the same way you think of any of the servants you’re bringing along that canonically aren’t there with you. Ritsuka canonically has the ability to summon Shadow servants during battle as long as a summon circle has been set up in the area, and that’s usually one of the first things the party does, mostly to establish communication with Chaldea as well. It was even a plotpoint in Shimosa for the first few battles, where you were unable to do so and thus forced to solo the early fights with your physicall present companions, Musashi and Inshun.
So you’re simply summoning Shadow Mash like you would for any of your other servants. The real Mash currently being unable to use Galahad’s power doesn’t hinder that.

Level Boudica and Georgios.

They are okay F2P defensive servants.

Or roll for Eresh…she has AOE def up and max HP Up…