Using my Elite Fast Move TM


Season 6 of the Battle League ended a few days ago and I got an Elite Fast Move TM to use.
Question is : which Pokemon will I bless with it? What would be your pick?

I’m not interested in PvE efficiency, more in PvP (especially -1500 and -2500) and raids. Thanks :smiley:

Lapras or dewgong (needs legacy icy wind to be good though). (Shadow)Zapdos if you like some spice.
To a lesser extent charizard with DB for UL and roserade.
For restricted formats pidgeot with gust
Some like poison jab on seaking, but it needs both legacy charged moves to be fully effective

@stativision pretty much called them all out. Lapras is the best performing one that needs a legacy fast move. I’d start there and move down the list.

The elite fast TM is far less useful the charge TM in general.

Mud shot kingler for super spice. Bullet seed roserade if you missed that one. For Charizard I’d probably go wing attack. You can trade for a DB one/might already have one

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Ditto on Wing Attack Char. In addition, DB Charizard is not a direct upgrade from Fire Spin and flips an equal number of matchups positive/negative. I would save ETMs for when its an absolute upgrade (such as Lapras, Mud shot users, etc.). Honorable mention for Rock Throw Omastar in UL and Smack Down T-tar in ML.

Thank you all for your comments, I think I’ll try to find myself a nice little Lapras to ETM :smiley:

I prefer Dewgong as it doesn’t have the weakness Lapras does

For sure better, but without a charged ETM and icy wind it is nothing :/

Yep I considered Dewgong, and might in the future, but I already used my charged ETM so it wouldn’t be really usefull sadly

don’t forget we have cd soon, might be an ectm with that

if not… meh

Save it. Best practice is to build up a reserve of these critical items. I currently have 4 EFTMs and 10 ECTMs. I’ve used few, but not that many. Now, if something really useful pops up, I can get the elite move I need in a heartbeat.

…I’m confused, they are the same typing and have the same type moves (except Lapras can run Skull Bash)… :confused:

my bad

No wait… Zapdos has a legacy fast move geared towards PvP. I spend my elite fast TM on that Thunder Shock before on Charizard anything.
I’m sure with the birds being active in raids recently, you would have a Zapdos or two in need of re-training.

With that elite TM you’ll be buying Thunder shock which is a great move too. Zapdos becomes quite useful in PvP with that move. Goes from a blah flier to a powerful warrior.

Besides Zapdos Dewgong is better than the rest if you’re active in Ultra. And in Great League Larpas is your dude. So decide!!

Doesn’t that need to be the other way round? Dewgong in the Great League and Lapras in the Ultra League?

Oops!! Yes! Of course!
The CP problem of Dewgong doesn’t let it be as effective in UL.
(Problem with multitasking and trying to type quickly while doing ten other things. It was just a typo)

Lapras in general is a much better and more versatile player with those legacy moves.
Although I love me my shiny Dewgong, he doesn’t get to play much once we get pass the GL.