Hey! Just sharing my latest 1500 team!

Well, I know Bastiodon is very meta. But it’s also adorable, so it made the cut. I want the shiny one though, so guess this one’s placeholding until it’s released. Its CP is deceptive since its lvl 40, it simply has like 5 IV on attack and deflates the level. Mirror lead matches do suck though.

Sableye isnt that cute ._. but I like him still. Endearingly mischievous and blingy golden. A nice counterpart to the bulky physical dino, a smol ghost that shrugs the fighters that are mean to Helmy and all purpose attacker with some specific defenses you can exploit with the right match up, especially those pesky legendaries that we can’t filter since no premiere (GG Jirachi, Deoxys-Ugliest and does minimize Registeel’s lock-on damage)

And cat weed well the name states how cute it can be (since when is it called cat weed anyway?), it has the :3 mouth and all. It’s an obvious back up to Helmy after all. It also knows solar beam and more than once pulls unshielded matches miracles that energy ball cannot do and also people thinking energy ball cant hurt that much won’t shield either.

Well how’s league been going for you? Do you have cute or nice and creatively set up teams? Having some fun farming dust and getting elite TMs?

For a while if I lost I would use the exact same team that beat me. Then I went to things that once were awesome: Dewgong/Shadow Machamp/now awesome Politoed…most people are just guessing their opponent isn’t using something. Me=Shadow Hypno w/ TP. Just 4 confusions KO the Shadow Machamp

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