Using ticket to increase np level?

I know we have multiple ticket discussions opened but they mostly about what servant to get because youre missing them and not about “should i make servant x np2+?” so gotta ask which servants benefit from higher np level the most and worth sacrificing getting a new 4star servant?
Is it just nitocris and quick farmers for skadi farming?


I’d think servants that you want to np loop would value np upgrades most. So yes, skadi loopers like Parvati and zerkalot, Fionn supposedly loops with his upgrades on the arts side.

Nitocris is nice at np2, slightly higher mobs when death fails, also easier to reach 500% for silver guaranteed death if she can get 200% herself.

Beyond those, I’d rather get someone new than np upgrade. Being F2P, new servants can be hard to come by, and since I’m a veteran, I’m running out of things I want to upgrade from the servants I have without getting someone new…


Well, if you post your servants, then I can look them up and get back to you on which NP2 is a significant boost effect-wise (would be interesting since I haven’t really looked into it myself before). Though a lot of people are focusing on Quick AoE since Skadi is getting closer.

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Wellfares are np5 and other than these rest are np1
Nursery rhyme np3
Tomoe gozen np2
Medusa lily np2
Helena np2
Carmilla np2
Beowulf np2

Basically. Or anyone who you want to hit harder.

Penth isn’t a bad choice to NP2. Neither are Lalter, Astolfo, Fionn (who is pretty decent with all his upgrades), Sheba, Circe (who is noticeably better at NP2), Yagyu, Emiya Alter, or Gorgon.

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Okay, I’ll go by class.


None of these have another effect leveled, so it’s just damage boosts.

  • Lancelot jumps from 900% to 1200%
  • Rama jumps from 600% to 800%
  • Nero jumps from 600% to 750%
  • Saber Alter jumps from 450% to 550%

No bonus effects altered by levels, just damage again.

  • Emiya Alter jumps from 1200% to 1500% (technically 900% to 1200% since we don’t have the buff yet)
  • Atalante jumps from 800% to 1000%
  • Since Tomoe is already NP2, it’s just a jump from 1000% to 1100% (technically 800% to 900% for now until it gets buffed)

Once again, just damage boosts by level.

  • Vlad’s jumps from 600% to 800%
  • Elizabeth’s jumps from 400% to 500% (technically 300% to 400% until the buff)
  • Medusa Lily being NP2 jumps from 2000% to 2200% at NP3 (not as big as the 400% jump from NP1-2, but 200% is pretty nice compared to most NP2-3 percents)

Once again just damage boosts.

  • Marie jumps from 800% to 1000% (technically 600% to 800% until the buff)
  • Martha jumps from 400% to 500% (technically 300% to 400% until the buff)

Still no other effects by level, just damage. Thought casters would have some.

  • Nitocris jumps from 600% to 750%
  • Caster Gil jumps from 450% to 600%
  • Helena at NP2 goes from 750% to 825%
  • Nursery Rhyme at NP3 goes from 825% to 862.5%

Ah, an effect scaling by level at last!

  • Stheno’s insta-death effect goes from 100% to 125% and after the buff her defense down would go from 20% to 25% (before the NP buff the defense debuff doesn’t scale, but afterward it does)

And these are the damage ones

  • Wu Zetian jumps from 1600% to 2000% (technically 1200% to 1600% until her buff)
  • Carmilla at NP2 goes from 1000% to 1100% (technically 800% to 900% until her buff)

Back to just damage scaling.

  • Penth jumps from 600% to 800%
  • Beowulf at NP2 goes from 900% to 1000%

Well, most were just damage scaling, but it was interesting nonetheless. So unless you’re interested in buffing Stheno (which I’m guessing PAULINK will suggest soon enough), then it’s just whoever you want to hit harder. I included the percentages to give a better idea which ones boost by more than others, but part of it will come down to your experience with the servant (do you find they don’t hit quite as hard as you expect them to?).


Personally speaking, since I don’t like the current 4* selection until Nyalter appears I’d rather have my most used servants reach higher NP lvls. So unless you have the resources to raise up a new 4* to add diversity to your roster increasing someone’s NP lvl isn’t a bad idea.

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May i ask if np2 atalante will be useful? I understand she can loop with skadi but was she prominent in future events or lottos? I’m debating whether its better to np3 my zerklot instead or if thats overkill, maybe np2 penth.

NP2+ on anything with a dmg dealing NP will always be useful. It all depends really if you like using them a lot. If you feel like an NP2 Nyanta would be useful for you then go on right ahead.

I’ll use the ticket to upgrade Penth to NP2.

She and Helena are my only frequently used SRs who aren’t NP2 or higher yet, and Penth is used for her damage more often plus Helena gets her next solo rate-up sooner (GUDA rerun vs. Halloween rerun).

Zerklot will be a lot more useful for NeroFest, where we fight a lot of Assassins. (Sieg can also NP spam through it…but Sieg.)

NP3 Zerklot can farm a few node that NP2 can’t, but I’d just let him spook you at this point. NP2 Kitty will give you more options.

Of course, NP2 Penth is always a good idea.

Basically–no wrong choice between the 3, especially if you can max their skills.

Tyvm! I guess ill go for np2 kitty so she can shine when skadi comes and not have to stay in my np2 emiya’s shadow anymore. My lack of kaleid and lb imaginary has left me shelving most low np gain alternatives like her…