Usless mon that are safe to transfer

so I’m working on cleaning up my box right now cause I’m at cap and I’m still trying to work on a list of pokemon that are safe to transfer for both PVP and PVE aspects.

Aipom. Tornadus looking hopeless to be useful anywhere. Kanto Rats.
Throh/Sawk. Regigigas. Shuckle. Spearow family. Digglet family. Kanto and Alola Meowth.Doduo family, Cubone and Kanto Marowak.Kanto MIme. Jynx family. Tauros. Ledyba family. Natu family. MIsdreavius family. Stantler. Wurmple family. Tailow family. Whismur family. Plusle. Volbeat/Illumise. Numel family. Spoink family. Clamperl family. Luvdisc Combee male. Cherubi. Buizel family. Buneary family. Finneon family. Mesprit. Patrat family. Purrloin family. Munna family Woobat family. Basculin. Mincino family. Deerling family. Vanilite family.Klink family. Elgyem family. Durant. Cryogonal. Espurr family. Noibat family.

Anything that have some use or even have POTENTIAL( Xerneas says hi) i didnt post. Some may argue, that IE Purrloin had use in LIttle Cup and few other, but i dont think, it will back in that format like it was at first time.


Personally I don’t like to transfer legendaries, but Tornadus and Regigigas are pretty worthless. On another note, I agree with all of those on the list except for Numel family and maybe Durant. I would keep any good Numels because of the decently powerful mega that is by my estimates going to come soon, as they don’t want to give us many good ones yet. Durant has its own niche in Great League pvp because of its decent moveset, and easy access.

Yes…Buizel hate…wonderful - the ugliest Pokémon family ever. Good riddance :wave:t2:

I’m here to throw shade on the Foongus family (though come to think of it, they would like that, so maybe I should have turned a different phrase). You’re never going to need a Foongus or Amoonguss for any reason, ever.

You can also comfortably live without any Gothita forms, yet one more case of both useless and hideous. :face_vomiting:



You’re on the right site to find out. A combination of the advice on here coupled with the GP tier lists and individual summaries, plus pvpoke should let you safely bin the clutter.

A lesson I learned is there’s a line between being prepared and hoarding. Keeping everything, just in case, soon becomes impossible. Every so often I sort by dex number and realise I’m sat on 10+ of some stuff.

Some stuff comes down to personal preference and where you are in the game. Earlier on, that 76% Makuhita might be a key team member, later, when you’re knee deep in 90%+ shiny Lucario and Shadow Champ, not so much. Sentimental reasons are fine too, I keep and use lower tier stuff I’ve caught in special places.

Jynx isn’t a bad dual use PvE mon either if you’re short on other options, but other than that I agree with @Ziperro on that list.

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I use amoonguss when I want to lose in GL ;)
@hehehahahoohoo - Durant? Really? Maybe if you don’t have any other good option close to 1500… Also the second move is way too expensive

Quite a few mon on your list have some potential, so I wouldn’t say them useless. Jynx is the top 6 ice type that is good for unique teams, so does Mismagius. Vanilluxe, Klingklang and Noivern can become very useful by virtue of a CD or moveset update. Tornadus isn’t hopeless either, as long as it receives Fly.

If you hoard Pokémon and buy storage to do so niantic wins. They are always adding new moves to previously irrelevant Pokémon, and sometimes it makes them pretty good! Totally not worth it. I always try to hang on to one copy of each mon. I realize I don’t really need to though. It’s always good to keep trading in mind as well. Chances are a lot of these Pokémon you consider transferring will have little to no trade value to your friends anyway and they will give you a new one for some transfer trash.

Miltank is one I just dumped a bunch of. It’s one fast move away from being relevant in pvp and a somewhat rare find, but I didn’t need 10 of em.

Many of the regionals are also just clutter. New players will want them in the future, but if you don’t care about that keep one or two and drop the rest.

@orioncrystalice i never minded Buziel in the MSGs, but man that 3D sprite is truly disgusting

If you hoard Pokémon and buy storage to do so niantic wins.

They certainly do, although I’ve never been one to keep a “living Dex”. It’s tricky sometimes though, because of the limited reruns of CD moves for example, I might keep, say, an 84% Mudkip, but then a month later I catch an 87%, then a 93%, then I forget I have some or just can’t remember and keep another 87%. The problem is doubled with shadows, having to wait for an event to TM them, then the next event to evolve them. It’s just not feasible to check your entire set of every type each time you catch a decent one if you actually want to catch more than 10 pokemon in any hour.

It’s only when I sit down and really sift them, that I can find out how many of what I have. After being particularly ruthless recently, I think I thinned my actual count down to about 800 or so. But even for a PvE only player (I have a handful of PvP teams, good enough to get me to the ETM and that’s it) the combinations of stuff I need for short man situations, different types etc, it’s difficult to limit the numbers. If I raided 20 deep every day in a big city, it’d likely be easier because I don’t need as many situational pokemon, any old 6 of each type will do, but because a lot of my raids are much closer run, or are T5’s where I’m trying to beat a time, I keep lots of types.

Then you’ve got lucky trade material, XL candy trade material (I have about 100 mudkip waiting for a chance to trade with someone who caught stuff 100km+ away) plus those things I’ll never bin - shinies, hundos, meaningful pokemon etc. Regionals I’ve never kept, can’t recall the last time I ever traded a regional to someone from another region, mainly because I live in a one-horse town where outsiders are rounded up and put to work on the local trinket shops or farms and those who grow too old to work are burned as a sacrifice to the old Gods.

After so many years of play and never knowing when something might come back round, it’s hard work keeping numbers down.


Not Xerneas too?

Hey now I got some wins this GL Remix with Gothitelle

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Gothitelle is fun, but where it can really shine , is Ultra Premier.

Ok, Jynx has better dps than i thought. High lvl catch can be useful. KLinklang maybe can get smth for PvP.

But Mismagius? Its pretty bad, and Getting Gengar or Banette its so easy, that i wouldnt ever think to touch this. Shadow have good stats, but still better(and cheaper) just get lots Gengars/Bannetes.

Noivern has so many bad moves, so one change wont be enough and i dont expect multiple changes in his moveset.

Vaniluxe is bad also. So many things are better and even vs Ray Some Dragons has better dps or close to, despite being single SE.

Vanilluxe is bad now, but it just lacks Weather Ball, which can put it on Weavile’s level. Most of the weather ability mon in MSG have got Weather Ball, so Vanilluxe is probably the next one.

Vanilluxe can be like….a kind of Ice/Bug pick…if you would need that…for some reason…

I would never personally use Durant, but some people find success with it when they cannot get a fortress

Shuckle? Why would you transfer the best Pokémon in the game!?

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Given that its a regional, I would be hesitant to chuck it…

The problem is all pokemon have potential…

Eg: Metagross was useless and then he got an overpowered Meteor Mash.

They could create a brand new league with such specific restrictions that spoink is just the king.

Before PVP was a thing most players will get rid of a 0,15,15 bastiodon without thinking but then…