Valentine Craft Essence Keep or Exp Bomb?

Is it a good idea to use the servant’s Valentine’s craft essences for exp bomb since we have to unlock their voices version next year or keep them regardless?

you aren’t banned from the game if you don’t unlock the voiced cutscenes

that said, we should have the kiara rerun xm dl event banner soon with a boosted super/great success rate, so

if you’re not tight on inventory space or w/e, would be better to wait for that before using

Save at least 5 of them for early farming next year, but otherwise they are made for ce bombs. Better to wait for a super success rate up period unless you are short on inventory space now.

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Don’t claim them from the present box to avoid inventory issues. :slight_smile:

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I shoved a few of my favorites in the second archive and fed the rest directly to my black grail. I don’t really feel like the success rate up events make that much of a difference, anyway.

…well, present box is still full of embers until I summon someone new… And since I already have shiki and seiba lily, not guaranteed someone new until seig-kun…