Valentine Event Shop Glitch?

The event shop says it will end the same time as the event, instead of lasting the extra 7 days beyond the event date. Is this true or is it some kind of glitch or error?

Edit: On a side note, what happens with the leftover surprise and lock on chocolates?

The chocolate exchange will end same day as ecent. The shops will stay for a week after. So better start exchanging all those chocolate CEs.

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It is weird because I recall on the CN server it lasted 7 days more. And also KNK was back to back with Valentine’s Day event so it was possible for newer players to get their Rougi Shiki from KNK and then exchange for her Valentine’s Day chocolate even when the event is already over.

Previous valentine CE’s were in the actual shop and that would have been the case that you could exchange for a week after, but since they are different tabs than the shop this year they seem to be treated more like a quest this year.