Valentine's 2020 Challenge Quest: Chocolate Festival with a Bonus Run Thread

Here’s another Thread to show off your team that you used to beat the Valentine’s Event challenge quest. Was it more Buster memes, Arts teams cuz they never fail, or did you work a solo outta it cuz Abigail being a Foreigner is a thing. How about using Semiramis cuz she gots the 100% damage up for the event. I look forward to seeing what you did.

and for those of you who haven’t attempted it yet, Gamepress has put out a helpful guide for it. Let us praise them in all their work for us:


and by the way, since i made this post, i might as well post mine…

The party:

The recording:


Team for CQ

Friend’s Illya break Taiga’s last bar all by herself :slight_smile:


Saberlot really shines in this CQ <3

But he can’t compete with Umu’s guts
So the beast take care of the rest


The team



Nice CQ, I liked this

it took some turns, killing one servant at a time starting from Nero

CEs were (from left to right)
2030 MLB
Something :smiley:
Event CE

Musashi MVP


I want to do a weird solo of this CQ. Not decided who yet, though.

Also, thoughts on Schez as a DPS here? There’s quite a few King enemies she could dispose of quite quickly.

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Well this just happened :sweat_smile:

Wanted to do an epic Sanson set-up where he one shots each boss but ended up turning into an Okkie stall :fgo_ereshdistress:
I even got it recorded so if any of y’all wanted to see an accidental Okkie stall of the run I’ll be posting it in about an hour or so once its done getting edited.

Took longer than expected but here it is. My accidental Osakabehime stall set-up! Advanced warning though, its 23 mins long so if any of y’all got the time to spare then enjoy I guess.


I was also planning a scheherazade try.


So, at the beginning i wanted to try with Raikou but while working i told to myself " wait, i have 4 hours to end my day let’s do it with style"
Also while rolling for Semi, a wild Jeanne (np3) spooked me again so let’s try this 20% defup without any need of overcharge.

So be it, only one sound echoed in the room …

Quoting myself from the teams thread:


This was an odd test run but worked decently despite me using the wrong Mystic code.
I had set up my backrow in preparations with David carrying a poster to handle NPs.
Only thing that went south was when Jaguar used her NP to kill Shiki but at that point the backup Uncle Vlad wrapped it up quickly.

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I just finished the Challenge Quest.

This screencap should tell you all about it.

What the hell happened here? Well, instead of choosing the plugsuit like a sane person, I went into this fight with the Hogwarts uniform equipped.
In my defense, it was a mistake, but once I started it, I decided to just wing it.
And that was when I discovered that a combination of Mash and Merlin made my team virtually unkillable, particularly against single target noble phantasms.
It also meant all I had to hurt the enemies was rude language.
I had to kill Taiga with Medea.
Still, she kept spamming her NP, and bit by little bit, I whittled her down to nothing.
It was death of a thousand paper cuts.

PS: My last two servants didn’t even leave the backline. So impassable was the line Mash and Merlin defended.


Honestly, in my run, Waver got smashed in the first 4 turns thanks to Kiyohime’s def debuff and focus from all of the MOBs (they never touched Musashi until Waver died and Merlin was under 50%). Fortunately, Mash came forward and took the heat off. Like you said, Merlin + Mash = Immortality.

The first half of my run objective is keep Waver alive


Things didn’t go according to plan in my run, but they still worked out fine. Decided I didn’t feel like taking forever and went for spawning the Servants ASAP to burn them all down at once as much as possible. Paracelsus caught my Semiramis out with a big crit while her 2 was down, so she left the fight earlier than anticipated. Very sad since she had the max lvl BG.

Used my juiced up Amakusa with BG as the main wave clearer, which defeated Nero and Cleopatra’s nonsense while reducing uptime on Jaguar’s crit buffs.

Forgot to capture the actual fight, but my team was like this with a support Merlin. Put up my own Waver with DB thinking that his stun might be useful, but I had forgotten about the break bar speed bumps on the stones making it impossible to spawn all Servants at once with face cards…


Merlin + Mash then Merlin + Jeanne = Immortality x2 lol didnt get to David. Arturia MVP


Heh, very true! I don’t have Jeanne, so I can’t really comment on her. But from what I can tell, there’s no competition as far as pure defensive power.

Her NP down skill helped a lot too. I thought it wasnt enough against Cleo but glad I was wrong. HP replenished due to Merlin + Jeanne NP.

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