Valentine's 2022 CQ Thread

Look, I know why we’re here, you know why we’re here. So let’s skip the formalities and show each other our… CQ teams!

In my case, I went in completely blind and facetanked NPs left and right but it was worth it for the final showdown.

And I’m pretty sure more Servants died to Waver than to Sei. Why isn’t his stun so consistent when he’s on MY team?




Luvia tanked like sei np and like 3 waver nps lol bg and waver np almost got her but she clutched it out.


These two went down easier than the sunbeam


Didn’t feel like being fancy so I brought back the Mash-Merlin stall. Can probably slot in any semi-decent DPS in the middle. Sei barely hits for anything. Think it took me 25-30 turns at the end.

Might try 3T Parvati later, but only NP4 and no MLB BG, likely short on dmg


I still have yet to focus any of my attention on the CQ yet.

Wondering what comp would work best with what I have…

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I put up AA with lvl 100 Sweet Crystal for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the defensive gimmicks.

I might go back later and play more with the CQ, but I’m not blowing extra AP until I’m done with the shop. I didn’t roll much for a change, and I don’t want to blow apples on rerunning the CQ.


BB stall strat never disappoints.

Obligatory Junao min-turn as usual.


It was him who did it! He did it alone! :fgo_deadinside:

Arrest him officer!


It took a while…

Mr.Tactician went down relatively quickly, but Sei with all that self healing outlasted him…by over 50 turns :fgo_ereshdistress: it took a while to realize that outside of Merlin fueled NP-X-B chains he and Jeanne outdamaged Seiba.

David, Kagetora and Waver after dumping his buffs and promptly yeeted to the back probably talked smack on their Master’s tactics this whole time.

Eresh banner when :fgo_ereshdistress:


Isn’t it in like 2 months

I think it came out right after Valentines, so it should be real soon for us.

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Latter half of February on JP time. If there’s an overlap (unlikely imo, were already significantly ahead on JP schedule) i will finally have a grailed Lancer and Eresh will get her first test run on CQ :fgo_ereshwoah:

Oh wait April is the DL campaign after Eresh, not the one with her, right

Yep, Eresh is 19 mil, april is 20 mil and SSR ticket

I should be farming but…


Gonna post it in the right thread now, I suppose


Exams time for me, so not much time. Copy pasted the GP guide comp, adjusted it to the no Jane/MLB BG/NP5 Parvati, and went to town with CS at ready.

Everyone died to Waver at Turn 12 iirc, so CS revived then.


Sei died on Turn 10, and then Waver held out for surprisingly long.

I almost wanna do another comp without using CS this time, but… :fgo_lipburrito: next two exams are gonna be a nightmare, so…


Lazy gp guide reader uses one team on said guide

More shocked I had a tammy with a star bomb ce on my fl


Ushi and friends beat up a zoomer and her escort. I made some misplays but the win was inevitable once Sei kicks it.


Ah yes, my favorite “star bomb then yeet” method for those first turns in CQs I have no idea what to do with.

I hate the mismatched classes ._. Thought I’d need a CS revive but happily, Waver by himself is a stupid pushover. Once Kintoki and my Mystic Code’s heal came out of cooldown, it was aaaall over for him.

Throughout the fight, Waver kept sabotaging himself and his ally by giving out evades to the party members… they keep targeting XD