Value of Janne Archer, BB Summer, Edmond

Hi guys, how are rolls going?
So, here is the question, i got skadi with much less sq then expecting. I still have over 300 sq.

I was valuing going for Janne Archer, because i love art meme, and i have bride (famous 6 free slot loop comp) but… i dont think np1 janne archer will be enought.
Also BB summer, she is a gamebraking servant as long as you have theright servant to use her. And i have those servant (servant like Archuria/bride/okita/jack and so on and so on)
Then we have edmond, the posterchild of Quick meme. In his case, i alredy have him, but np2 is a huge boost.

So, among those 3, considered i have thets needed to make them work (mlb kscope, , skadi, tamamo, right servant for all of those), who is going to be the most usefull?
For exemple, in the next few lottery, will i regret not having Jarcher over my edmond/ atalanta skadi system?

I would say Np2 dantes is the most useful imo.

Though Jarcher is pretty good and the best arts looper who competes pretty hard with the quick loopers (at least when tamamo gets her buff) she really needs to be Np2 for that damage so you’ll theoretically have to spend more than on Dantes.
BB summer is great but arguably not as powerful as Jarcher and Dantes as her value is mainly in CQ’s where card locking is more useful and 90% of this game is farming where Jarcher and Dantes excel.
Dantes Np2 is almost a requirement to loop effectively for the fights that matter and i’m pretty sure with it he can pretty easily farm all the lottos free.

I’m not an expert on the drop numbers but zuth did add this comment in the calculator:
Rougly: ([Your bonus amount from CEs] + 3) * 15
Zuth’s other work is reliable but still take these numbers with a bit of salt.

With a MLB support CE and 5 non-mlb that adds up to 150currencies/run.
With a MLB support CE and 4 non-mlb that adds up to 135currencies/run.
Early on that is a difference in almost 11%.

With maxed MLB the drops are:
225 for pure CE
195 with one missing
It is highly unlikely that you will get enough drops to MLB 5 however but if you do the difference is rougly 15.4%.

If zuth’s formula is correct then a Jeanne team is rougly 11-15% more efficient than a DSS.
Depending on how heavily you farm this could add upp.
One question I have is if Jeanne can actually farm the first rotation of Gilfest considering there are mostly Lancers.

I’d probably say that, considering your starting account parameters, NP2 Dantes would be the most value for your quartz.

There’s a not-insignificant level of redundancy in building both a quick-looping and arts-looping team, and you already have a head start on the quick version, only needing one additional SSR, as opposed to two. In the case of Gilfest, specifically, as I understand it, Cardboard-kun is entirely capable of farming all the relevant nodes, so Jarcher would just be a win-more for arts looping.

Much as I love BB-Hotep, I think “game-breaking” may be overselling her a bit. I don’t rate her in the same league as your other options, here. She’s super cool, and seems like a lot of fun to play with, but more as a novelty than a staple.

If you want Skadi loops go for Dante.
If you want Art loops go for Jeanne.
And if you want to have fun breaking the sistem go for BB :fgo_saltersmug: