Vanguard question(noob here)

New to the game(as the title stated)
I use texas and fang/vigna (texas and fang at E1) as my vanguards and siege decided to apear in my rolls to attempt to get a sniper, I noticed that she and texas have the same role so I’m wondering if I should invest in siege right away? like is the difference between her and texas that great? or am I better of using texas for now and just work on siege when I get a little more mats and money?yes there’s always the option of using both but I find that having 2 expensive vanguards tend to hinder even make me loose the opportunity to 3 stars stages

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Texas and Siege both see use in the long term.

Siege is better overall (as she’s 6*), higher dps, & survivability.

Texas is weaker overall but has her own niche of being able to stun in an AoE.

If you’re literally new (as in first week playing), then your current setup of Texas + Vigna is good enough for whatever you’ll be attempting. No need to rush 6 stars yet as they take considerable resources to become noticeably better.


thanks and yea its my first week, guess I’ll stick with texas for now, I like her better anyway

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Don’t be fooled by your 3* operator, they are the most suitable tier for you at the time, Spread your resource on all your main squad, do not focus on 1 unit, it’s still reasonable to make your main damage dealer a bit higher. For starter, make your mainly used 3* to E1 lvl 40.

Also, for beginner E1 max lvl 3 star are still worth in a long way than the other in the same tier
That would be

Kroos : Her damage output match that 4 star, if not a bit higher. you can use her as a 2nd or 3rd sniper until your higher rarity available
Melantha : as duelist guard, or drop off assassin sometimes, her Hp and Atk are no joke for her tier.
Midnight : Ranged guard will be a great help in many situation, and he also have arts damage, use him until you got 5* or above, If needed.
Orchid : as a situational operator, she also will be needed in certain case, don’t skip on her.
Beagle : For her tier, she’s quite do the job well, You can use her as a spare until you got better defender.

I agree with @Jamza better invest 3* first for beginning. But if you still asking which better to raise first between texas and siege, i would raise texas first since siege S2 is more dps rather than dp generator. Siege will become guard if you use S2 and give DP bonuses. If you had Myrtle then raise her and siege.

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By now, you should have noticed that there will be a need to sub your first-deployed Vanguards with a Guard or a Defender since Vanguards are not tanky enough nor have sufficient DPS to be in the frontline all the time. This is their inherent drawback: they are only good at the start of the game and barely useable for the rest of the game. And this is where Siege comes in – a Vanguard with beefyness and DPS comparable to that of a Guard. In fact, you can consider Seige as a low-cost Guard with DP-regen as perks.

But I would understand if you are having some challenges right now in using her. Her S1 is the same as Texas yet Texas has lower DP cost. And early in the game, 2-lane rush can be common which requires you Vanguards with low DP cost. Siege really shines when maps become relatively difficult, where a vanguard should be tanky and should be able to kill enemies on their own. Early on, Fang/Texas would suffice.


Siege isn’t a reliable source of DP so she and texas does not fill the same role. It is almost certain you will build both in the end so don’t worry too much as the answer isn’t black and white. Just use who you like and remember to don’t take tier lists as gospel as they don’t tell you much.

As someone said, Siege is halfway between vanguard and guard archetype. She doesn’t generate much DP and she cost 14. But she’s very strong, in fact she can handle waves of mobs with ease where others vanguards will fall.
She’s definitly a Must Have operator but for mid/late game. When you’ll be able to E1 a unit on spot. Give her a go along her S2. She’s smashing the game. For now, keep using Texas which is another awesome vanguard over the whole game, yes she’s squishy but she’s damn worth it.

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