Vantage Halloween Hector?

Hi, I pulled Halloween Hector on my free summon and I wanna use him despite I don’t like armors. So, since I don’t have a vantage sweeper to AR, could he be a good one? This would be my build.

I’m not so sure about his special, Bonfire or is better something like Glimmer/Moonbow? Also, Def Smoke is ok? I thought about Atk Smoke but I realised it was pointless.

I’m planning on using him in the light season for the +10 res.

The problem with using him as a Vantage sweeper is that it will be hard to get him in due to him being an armored unit. Somebody else like Ares will probably do the job better.

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Ares does this but a million times better

Plus he’s more easily merged

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I want to use Ares but I don’t have any Distant Counter fodder I would kill so…

I could probably get one OG Hector in the TT banner but I don’t feel so lucky

It can certainly work.
But a Smite user and/or Armor March is pretty much required.

I’m running one of the Eirs with Smite :feh_rein: maybe I should give her atk/def link from Mordecai

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An armor without a fighter skill is a chocolate sandwich without the chocolate

I don’t like you