Vegeta Family

Hello everybody!

Even though my name is GohanFamz because I’ve been a huge Gohan fan sinds day one… Vegeta is my second favorite character. And he’s becoming bigger and bigger!!
During the recent balance changes SSJ Vegeta (red) got a family tag z-ability (after 5*)…
Now Transforming Vegeta (blue) is out and guess what he’s got!! A Vegeta Family z-ability!
I’m thinking a new green Trunks is coming soon seeing that color is a it lost atm in this list.

So… in conclusion, the best Vegeta Family characters now (in my opinion) are (stars * are core, roof ^ are bench) :

  • Transforming Vegeta (blue) *
  • SSJ Vegeta (red) ^
  • EX Trunks (purple) *
  • SSGSS Vegeta God Blue (purple) *
  • EX Trunks GT (green) ^
  • Scouter Vegeta (purple) ^
  • SSG Vegeta God Red (yellow) ^
  • SSJ Vegeta GT (yellow) ^
  • Transforming Trunks (Blue) ^
  • Vegeta (green) ^
  • SSJ2 Trunks (blue) *
  • Majin Vegeta (red) *

I hope a few of them get boosted soon:

  • SSJ2 Trunks (blue) *
  • Vegeta (green) ^
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I’d love to see a Vegeta that get pissed off
(and a pissed off Vegetais a stronger Vegeta) every time a Trunks or Bulma variant get taken down and is able to work like SSJ Gohan Red!

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Or every time a Trunks enters the field?? Because he doesnt like that aswell hahaha

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Haha just make an OP Vegeta where every point of damage to Trunks or Bulma boosts everything times 100.

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Instant cover and SSJ --> SSGodRed transformation when Trunks or Bulma gets hit for the first time

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Main Ability “My Bulma!!!”

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