I would like to improve the builds that i made recently for my velouria.
PS i don’t have Special Spiral


Could you show us your current build?

look in my first message, i put them right now

The current builds already look pretty good! What would you like to improve/ where does she fall short?

Also in what kind of team are you using her? A beast team, infantry team or mixed (movement) team?

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uhm, i’m using her in a mixed team formed by L!Azura, Tiki Young and H!Niles

So a Tactics team. In theory you could give her a Tactics skill in her C-slot if you think that her allies could use more support. However L!Azura already has Atk Tactics, so you would have to give her Def, Res or Spd Tactics to avoid her C-skill from being redundant in the team.

Young Tiki would most likely benefit from getting buffed by Res Tactics especially if you try to tank mages (with Lightning Breath) or dragons (with Breath of Fog). Res Tactics could be aquired from a 4* Canas. You could of course also fodder a 5* L’Arachel or Spring Sharena, but that is more expensive from my perspective.

Like I said the biggest part of the build for her looks already pretty solid. If you have managed to obtain/make any Brazen seal skills then one of those would also go really well with her. Brazen Atk/Def would make the Bonfire special of the left build even more powerfull (once her HP is below 80%). Brazen Atk/Spd would help her outspeed enemies (when below 80% HP) and that would work well with the Desperation skill of the build on the right.

I also see that you have given her a summoner support, but not yet an ally support. If you support her with an ally (like Young Tiki or Halloween Niles) then she will help that ally by charging their special with two points at turn one. If you give Young Tiki a 3 cooldown skill like Bonfire and Quickened Pulse as seal then she could have a precharged Bonfire on turn one with the support of Velouria.

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This is of course an example of what you could do. L!Azura is for example also able to buff Young Tiki in resistance, but this would take up L!Azura’s turn.

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