Vengeful Demon's Wail at the Prison Tower in rare prison shop

What is this exactly?

i started the game late and did not participate in such an event.

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Dantes trial quest! A series of CQ’s pretty much. Rewards tickets, some mats and a lore.

Note CQ’s from a while ago and I don’t remember too much difficulty with my much less developed account.

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The most difficult is the extra quest you get after finishing the fight vs the Count, since it’s a 7-wave series of boss fights from all 7 doors.

Again, I wish it was repeatable T_T And it also drops a good chunk of mats on its own:


When was the re-run? Wasn’t it lil over a year ago? I feel like I missed the original but caught the Revival.

I think people make it repeatable. Someone mentioned a way to trick the game into giving the rewards but not closings it… But I didn’t pay attention because all my rps are going to lanterns for the foreseeable future


I don’t think you can trick the game to get the reward. I think some people just deal with the fact that they won’t get the CQ reward and abort before the CQ actually “ends”


I don’t think it gives you rewards if you stop data exchange, you just give yourself a chance to replay this quest again and again over getting the rewards. But those tickets were to juicy to pass on :'D