Venusaur PVP Move Set Question?

If 2 Venusaurs have identical attack moves (vine whip) — Why does it take one SO MUCH LONGER to gain energy in PVP battles? (their charge moves are different… but it doesn’t seem like that would affect the speed of energy gain…)

My Venusaur I evolved years ago is great inPVP & has a VINE WHIP/SLUDGE BOMB move set.

Years & levels later —Today I evolved a stronger Venusaur which has a VINE WHIP/SOLAR BEAM move set.

The only difference between them is the charge move. The newly evolved Venusaur, despite having the same fast move — takes SO MUCH LONGER in PVP battles to gain enough energy to reach it’s charge move.

If both Venusaur’s have identical attack moves (vine whip) — why would it take the new Venusaur so much longer to gain energy?

Of course different charged moves require different amounts of energy. Often the longer it takes to charge, the more damage they deal. Just Google charged moves PVP energy or search on the gamepress side. You can also have a look at the attack stat page at pokemon go - there are two bar moves, fired off faster, and slow one bar moves. It even here is a difference, cause the energy charged moves taken differs between 35 and 80 - one bar moves require 55 to 80 energy, two bar moves 35 to 50

Ignore the size of the bars. While there’s some correlation, they don’t show an accurate picture of cost for PvP.

Solar Beam costs 80 energy, and Sludge Bomb costs only 50.

Vine Whip generates 8 energy per use, so a Solar Beam requires exactly 10 uses while Sludge Bomb only requires 6.25.


Short answer: different charge moves have a different energy requirement. Solar Beam requires the most energy while Sludge Bomb requires less.

Long answer: how long it takes to generate enough energy to fire a charge move depends on both how much energy the fast move generates and how much energy is required for the charge move. If you double-move one of your Venusaur, you will see the difference it takes to charge Sludge Bomb vs Solar Beam or Petal Blizzard (PS I suggest this move over Solar Beam for PvP).

I don’t get where you get confused exactly. You’ve probably done raiding before PvP. And you notice 2 bar moves are charged faster than 1 larg bar. Even though the attack with the same size of bar might require a different amount of energy in PvP, Sludge Bomb and Solar beam are way different in both energy costs as in just visual bars - Sludge Bomb a 2 bar attack, Solar Beam a one bar attack.

The only way you can get to this question is to think that all size of bars cost the same amount of energy.

Well, they don’t. In raids and gyms, 1 bar moves require a lot of energy. 2 bar moves require less. 3 bar moves require even less than 2 bar moves.

As for PvP, you have come to a good website to look up the energy cost per move. In this case I think Sludge Bomb is 50 and Solar Beam is 80? So obviously if using the same fast move, Solar Beam takes longer to charge

And that’s pretty much your answer

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