Veronica +Atk or +spd?

I have a +spd Veronica I use on a cav line. Should I switch her to +Atk? I just pulled a +Atk one.

  • +Atk
  • +Spd

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Speed meta isn’t doing anyone any favors. +spd.



Sometimes I wonder why people ask IV questions anymore tbh :catlie:


So for my Gatrie, +spd right?

Anyway, I do occasionally choose other boons. I struggled with this one, but eventually chose +attack on Lynja because of brave effect and the fact she’s fast enough already. If the speed meta really gets that bad in a year or so I can change it if I have to. But otherwise, yeah, often speed.



And tbh, there are some cases where spd isn’t the best boon. (I went Atk on my +10 Lynja, I went +atk on my Caeda). But like 95% of these threads that get made just end up with the polls being skewed af towards spd.

And while I know you jest with +spd on Gatrie, I think it’s better for beginners to learn what IV does what, rather than just always resorting to asking the forum. But that’s going on a bit of a tangent. Actually… that’s maybe a tangent I’m willing to go on :fgo_ishtarsmug:


Yeah, I guess. Generally it’s pretty obvious which boon to choose, so it only matters in certain cases.

A poll on Lynja for instance might be useful, but I have a feeling most would say speed anyway. Obviously no one is making a poll for dump stats, but sometimes you want some feedback on whether to increase a strong stat, or even out defenses. +atk or +res on B!Hector is a common question people ask a lot.


Idk, seems like +Atk is the way to go for Lynja since her bulk is so poor. So maybe a poll for her would be worth it. :thinking:


Lynja is a rare case, but I suspect the results would be Atk actually. Such is the nature of brave weapons, where Atk is all the more valuable, especially on speedy brave weapons like her, where 3 points or so of Atk makes 12 points difference in each combat.

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As others said always spd :catdance: