This is a VERY IMPORTANT TIp for Masters playing on iPhone and who purchase Saint Quartz using iTunes gift cards.


If you’re topping up your iTunes account wallet just for FGO and nothing else, use up the full amount as much as possible. For example, if you bought an iTunes $100 gift card, buy the $80 pack soon. Do not try to stockpile cash on your iTunes account to save for when a particular banner you want comes out, use it immediately.

When the Sitonai banner dropped, I tried to purchase an $80 pack as usual, just as I have for the past 2 years and for the first time I got a notification saying my purchase could not be completed. I called iTunes to report the problem and their response was to disable my account. I literally begged them to reconsider and they said they would review my case. A couple days later, they reinstated my account but when I tried to buy SQ, the same problem happened again. I immediately contacted iTunes again and they once again said they would investigate my account.

Today, I got an email telling my account has been permanently disabled. I don’t even know what I did wrong, the only purchases I make with that Apple account is in FGO and all the same $80 amount for the past 2 years. I contacted iTunes again demanding an explanation and all they could say was that I somehow violated their Terms & Conditions which I absolutely did not. The only thing I’m guilty of was making a US account to play the game even though I’m based in Asia.

And just like that, all my money on the disabled account was frozen forever. All $1,120.63 gone.
I don’t even know what I did wrong. Apple/iTunes just committed daylight robbery. Literally shot me twice, took all my money and their response was like “Oh well, we say you’re guilty so say goodbye to your money. Bye”.

This is absolute bullshit. They can’t even refund my cash. All I can do is file a formal complaint and that’s it. Now I have to create a new account and have to add funds from scratch.

So please to all who have the same mindset as me, who like to add funds to your account now and save it for later, just DON’T. DON’T DO IT. JUST USE IT UP. If Apple somehow bans your account, you’ll just lose a smaller amount compared to me.

I will still keep playing Fate Grand Order because at this point I’ve poured too much time, effort and money in the game to quit anytime soon but this experience has traumatized me forever. I really hope my tragedy will at least prevent someone from having this issue.

Thank you for reading.

Edit: I created a new account and the same payment issue happened again. When will this hell ever end?

-Now I know how Myst feels everytime he pulls a Gold Caster card.


I was someone who almost did this due to the thought of “oh, I can just save my money on those stores and nothing will happens” but I guess I got out of that thinking quickly (Thanks to my legendary shaft of MHX Alter, thank you very much MHX Alter) as I processed to bought with the money I saved up. Thank you for the warning because I am sure there are people who do this out there, I’m glad you still gonna stay with FGO and it really sucks that it had to happened to you. I hope that the game at least bestow you good luck for the waifus/husbandos from now on.

(On the other note, Apple are really scummy with some of their antics)

I always get a giggle out of people freaking out over a few hundred to a thousand lost when DW has refused to return my account with over 10k USD spent.

Thanks for your kind words of sympathy.

Yea, I’m not gonna quit over this fiasco cause at the end of the day, I still love FGO having spend the last 3 years of my life login in everyday, getting my 5* servants and looking forward for the new servants coming in the next 2 years.

But this experience has certainty bummed me out that it’s affecting my motivation to play the Oniland event. But it’ll hopefully pass with time, I hope.

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Ohh, I am truly sorry for your loss, friend.

Losing your FGO account instead of your phone ID is definitely a bigger blow. I really hope you can resolve this with DW or if not, at the very least find some peace/acceptance in due time.

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I had a (maybe) similar situation over the summer but with Google, and so I agree with you. They froze ~$600 for the better part of a month (I was getting worried since it was just before the anniversary and I wanted in on Skadi).

The problem for me was that my address listed didn’t match the address on my associated credit card (even though these purchases were from pre loaded gift cards) but since then, I don’t stash money on it like a digital wallet.

That’s unfortunate, how did you solve the issue if I may ask?

They needed proof of address (so a photo of my license) but the real problem was actually getting someone who would tell me what the problem was. I didn’t know that my address was wrong, I thought I had updated it.

I’d get automated emails that my claim was denied, but never told why, and there isn’t any way to debate it. So I had to call over and over before I finally got someone helpful.

Then I changed my address to the right one.

My best advice. Get an Emulator running so that you get on Android side because ■■■■ Apple in every single way possible. Overpriced products, no good customer service. I have literally for the one year I got an apple phone, anything positive to say about them. They can suck it.