Very new player asking for help building a team Please

Hello my peeps! I’m extremely new to DB Legends. (2 week player) I absolutely love this game so glad i found it as I have watched DB since I was around 8-10 years old. 20ish years. I’m wondering will you guys help building me a team. I’ll post s/s of my characters. Seen this has a lot of great users so hoping I can get some help!! Thanks my peers. Hope everyones powerlevel is over 9000 when I scan!

You put this under Fire Emblem Heroes instead of Dragon Ball Legends

My bad

Thanks for pointing out my noob mistake!

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It’s cool.

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I fixed it :catwave:

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My man!! Trying to figure this out. Its 12:30 and cant put this game down!

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God ki :
SSGSS Vegeta (GRN) + Merged Zamasu (PUR) + Goku Black Rosé (RED)
Shallot + SSGSS Goku Kaioken (YEL) + SSGSS Goku (BLU)

Hi guys I have gotten even better players (IMO) Seeing if would help out 1 more time.

Bump. Plz help

Hi. You can use the following teams. (Please note, use only the first three characters from each team because they are better than the other three.)
Hybrid Saiyans

  1. Transforming Trunks (pur),
  2. Transforming future Gohan (grn)
  3. Ssj 2 Gohan [LF(red)]
  4. Ssj Future Gohan (yellow)
  5. Ssj Future Trunks (red)
  6. Ssj Teen Gohan (blue)


  1. Ssgss Goku (red)
  2. Fusion Zamasu (pur)
  3. Ssgss Vegeta [LF (grn)]
  4. Ssj Future Gohan (yellow)
  5. Transforming Future Gohan (grn)
  6. Goku Black (yellow)

Saiyans (The above mentioned teams are better than this team because there is less synergy in this team)

  1. Ssj4 Full Power Goku (grn)
  2. Ssgss Goku (red)
  3. Ssj Vegito [LF(pur)]
  4. Scouter Vegeta (pur)
  5. Ssj Goku (red)
  6. Extreme Raditz (blue). He is good because he buffs health for Saiyans.

Make sure all your characters are level 5000 and max soul boosted before using them in PvP. You can watch beginner PvP guide videos on YouTube to get better at the game. Best of luck.

Gotcha and yes in process of leveling was waiting on training useless characters except vagito and a few others that I knew I was going to use took me 3 months to pull him was sooo happy to see him

Hi Superman88. I am really happy you found my assistance helpful. If you want to level up your characters quick, play the daily Let’s Fight Event and grind the super xp level as well. If you need any more help regarding Dragon Ball Legends you can ask me. I am a Day 1 player. One more thing, save your Chrono crystals, because last year around this time Ssj Namek Goku arrived along with FP Frieza, so I guess you should save.

Wow thanks I had no clue about that as I am fairly new… just a quick question ihave seem vagito blue is op. Any way to get him still??

Hey Superman88, it’s unfortunate but Vegito Blue arrived on the 2nd Anniversary (around 30 May). His banner lasted till around 15 July. He might be back when the next LF drops (probably next week) or when the next to next LF drops (October). He might also drop in a ‘Legends Return’ banner. Several LFs like LF Vegeta Blue and Super Vegito have returned in their respective Legends Return banners.
Don’t worry you will get him eventually. One more advice, if you are free to play, then don’t summon on normal banners. Save your crystals for step ups which have LF units. lFs drop every two months. Also, LF arrive on New year, anniversary and Black Friday.
Also, watch these PvP guides.

These guides teach skills you cannot learn in the game. Everyone in PvP uses them so it’s better to master them.

Nothing 2 try to grab with this update is there??