Viability of Alolan Raichu in Ultra Premier

Hello all,

I have just caught a perfect Alolan Raichu from the weekly research and have powered him up all the way. It maxes at 2286 normally, 2315 with best buddy boost, which is a bit low considering that Alolan Raichu’s stats are attack weighted. However, with the abundance of flyers and Alolan Raichu’s surprising coverage, I’m wondering if he is worth using in Ultra League Premier.

I would use it with Volt Switch, Psychic and Grass Knot as a switch in. My team would be:

Lead: Snorlax (L, BS, O)
Switch: Alolan Raichu (VS, P, GK)
Closer: Toxicroak (C, MB, SB)

What do you guys think? PVPoke gives Alolan Raichu 123 wins and 185 losses in Ultra Premier, but are these numbers reliable with respect to Alolan Raichu’s viability?

Yes the numbers are reliable

I have a lucky 15/14/14 Zebstrika and a lucky 15/14/15 Galvantula…fortunate that I also have no stardust. The Galvantula is level 28, I’d consider if the Zebstrika was level 28 instead of the level 13 that it is

I would try it. I just dont know if I would pair it with another glass cannon like toxicroak…

Last season I tried my hundo BB Whiscash in Ultra Premier and had a lot of fun, there was only a handful of battles that I lost because The Fish wasn’t enough. I thought about A -Raichu since the typing and moves fit very well, if I had a hundo I’d go for it. Pairing it with Toxicroak is a bit risky though.

le fishe

Alolan Raichu is cool. I like it. But if you want to keep it consistent you use something more reliable. Because Alolan Raichu definitely is not reliable, it dies fast

A-Raichu is better in Great League. Maxing out at 2286 is pretty low for a species to be viable in Ultra League. For comparison, Clefable maxes out at 2437 and Steelix maxes out at 2414.

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Also important to note, those species that are viable and max under 2500CP are very tanky. Raichu is not.

Totally agree here, but then you have cases like abomasnow wich is amazing in ultra premier, or shiftry in normal ultra. 7 weaknesses each, not even close to reach 2500, and they play a niche role. Does it means alolan raichu will be good? Not at all, but in the right hands it can find a way to sucesfully get some wins.
Or it’s just me that now I want to know how alolan raichu can play in ultra premier :rofl:

I mean, if you want, go for it! :stuck_out_tongue: Abomasnow has a godly moveset with decent bulk, Shiftry has the typing to take out the big three ('TinA, Swampert, Cress) so its actual bulk ends up being reasonable (similar to Scizor).

I have been trying out the team I posted and Alolan Raichu has been putting considerable work! It can handle the three most common starters: Venusaur, Charizard and Swampert.

The trick is to let Snorlax lose the lead matchup, and bring in Alolan Raichu to start farming.

I had a fight yesterday where my Snorlax lost against a Charizard, which I then farmed down with Alolan Raichu’s Volt Switch. He brought in his Swampert, which I instantly deleted with grass knot. He then brought Venusaur and, expecting me to have an electric charge move in addition to my grass knot, didn’t shield Psychic. I won with the opponent still having two shields.


Venusaur? Only with psychic. Swampert? Only with grass knot. So you run psychic and grass knot? Problem then is everything else :smiley:
No it’s cool, like it, but problems will arise sooner or later. But yes, in PC it stands some ground I guess.
Also Charizard can only be farmed when it’s not running fire spin or is nearly dead, otherwise you are nearly dead as well…

No one brings charizard into an Alolan Raichu because they think I have an electric move, but if they do, Volt Switch + Psychic does the job.

I thought it would take too long to charge Psychic, but if it works for you it works :)
A-chu’s Psychic takes 16 turns to charge the first, 12 turns to charge the second
Charizard’s BB takes 15 turns to charge, or 2 dragon claws takes 21 turns to charge.
Venusaur’s FP takes 12 turns to charge first and second, and only 10 turns to charge the third.

I have not yet seen an A-chu in UL PC, but i thought it wouldn’t work in theory. You probably won’t face many opponent’s that 1) doesn’t switch out snorlax against machamp lead, and 2) lets you farm down snorlax and then choose swampert over venusaur to fight A-Raichu.