I got him really early, and now im excited to play the game again (didnt even do the event)

I wanna give him everything I have and kill everyone for him and everyone with him. What should I do first?


Get him some levels and Fous. Skills may take longer depending on your stockpiled materials.
Hopefully you have the Kiara CE, that’s about the best option for him.

Maybe throw a few tickets in the upcoming class-based banner if you want to get more NP levels soon.


What are the fastest ways to get Evil Bones? I see best AP-wise but not time based (it taking so long in Fuyuki)

Note so far he’s lvl 40
Fous 1020 both stats
And I have enough to get him to lvl 60 from ascension materials and I think his final once I finish the bones. But I may need more EXP (although I read something about his lines in my room being locked)

Congratulations! :partying_face::confetti_ball:

Unfortunately, the best place to farm for evil bones is indeed Fuyuki (that’s what I’m doing right now, and I kinda want to cry :catroll:). I spam the Unknown Coordinates X-G node because at least that one costs 15 AP each time, so you don’t lose your sanity too quickly.


Wait… what?

Maybe i’m missing something, is he supposed to be rare to get through FPs?

3* are the equivalent of a 5* in the FP summons.

There are skeletons in most of the 10AP class training grounds too if you ever get tired of Fuyuki.

Knight-class - read, lances, sabers and bows - to be exact, drop-rates are far less consistent than Fuyuki, however.

Bones aren’t hard to get in the aforementioned Fuyuki G-node, at times it’ll even drop them in 4s.

No Roy just wanted jekyll really bad since our last mafia game

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in that case, I should be swimming in 5-stars

also, congrats on more oppression

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Congrats man! Give him everything!!! :fgo_buster:

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I had no idea. I was and am in the game now too. :fgo_dshy:

Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing him in the Grailed Servants thread!


grailed mine to 90 and hes a beast. good luck farming his materials tho

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Its heartwarming to see someone so happy over a 3 star.


If I got SSRs at the same rate I got Rs in the FP Summon, then I probably wouldn’t even know the definition of the word salt. Now, maybe that’s true for CEs (I can never get those dang event CEs in the FP gacha), but for Servants, they’re probably closer to SRs than SSRs. Angry Mango is the only FP Servant with the rarity of a SSR, iirc. Still don’t have him to this day and I’m just a little bit salty about that (not because I plan on using or even giving a single bronze XP card to him, but just so I can have him).

If I had to rank Angry Mango, I’d say he’s more of an SSSR. I’ve only ever pulled one copy of him from spending hundreds of thousands of friend points when they’re given out during certain events.

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