Video editing Tools for FGO stuff

I want to know what you guys use to make FGO videos, and why is it good or useful for that. I have seen a couple of pleope that make their fights insanely funny inserting MEMES, epic as hell using varios soundtracks, or simply showing a especific composition to farm an event/node, with a good visual quality at that. The most memorable being the Robin Hood Guy. I am a huge FGO fan and I would like to do something similar. Like, inmortalize all the memorable fights and achivements from now on. The thing is, I have absolutely zero experience or knowledge about video editing or anything related, so thats why im asking.

I just do everything in the iMovie on my phone

If I’m adding on background music or commentary I’ll export the clip to my laptop and do it there

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if u doens’t have any experience in video editing, i sugest u should use a simple video editor(just adding some translation efect or adding subtitle if i’m not mistaken there are some free video editor ,just google it, dont forget to include the “simple” word), if u want to make a good video an advanced level video editing u can use some product from adobe(i sugest u try it before buying it or if its not for commercial personaly i recomend search the free version(cracked)) i sugest it because u can self study it from many source, since there are many tutorial in youtube or any site, or u can try some free product, ot would be harder to self study in case no tutorial u can use

just personal recomendation

Well, first you’ll need a good app that records your gameplay (or program if you’re on an emulator on pc). Those on phones, particularly, sometimes don’t pick up in-game sounds very well and they sound muted unless you play with the volume really loud, even then sometimes it sounds different when you replay the recording.

Some phones do come with a screen recording feature already and some of them are pretty good.

For simple work, most video editing apps and programs work well enough.

You may also want to consider looking for one that also allows you to compress the video to a smaller file without losing quality (this helps for uploading longer videos), or a separate app/program altogether that can do the compressing. Some sites can do this for you but, obviously, you’d have to upload the video all the same so it can compress it.

Really interesting and useful, thanks :slight_smile:

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The important part is to self-study, I see. Thanks!

Can anyone recommend an Android app that includes internal sound only?
I tried a few already, but the microphone picks up outside sound as well.

Which phone do you have?
If your phone does not support android 10 then there is no app to record your sound internally if you have XIAOMI phone then you can record your sound internally with their own screen recorder.

Asus phone, but FGO isn’t compatible yet with Android 10, right?

It is it was compatible long time ago.
But if your phone isn’t android 10 or if it doesn’t have it’s own recording software you are not gonna find an app with internal sound recording google didn’t start allowing to record internal audio until Android 10 released.

You can use this tool for free on the powerdirector app at

OpenShot is a completely free video editing suite that can do a lot of what you mentioned.

If you play on your phone, both android and iphone have built in screen recording functions and it’s easy to export it OpenShot and make it as meme as you want.

I think a video cutter and editor called Joyoshare VidiKit will be a good option for beginners. I’m using it. It is an all-in-one toolbox that has a built-in video cutter, recorder, joiner, converter, compressor, repairer, watermark remover, player, and more.

Any android phone running the latest firmwear should have screen recording.Nods sagely

Hi I am new on making FGO video on Ytube. I am having problem with the export qualities is downgrade and how youtube compression make it less better. I used Adobe Premiere Pro btw.
Anyone can recommend export setting or other video app compatible with FGO recorded video?

Can I know what export setting u use for adobe premiere? My video qualities always drop.

You could always use Adobe Media Encoder, it has a preset for youtube videos which goes up to 4k and has better settings overall. You would need to download and install H.264 for it but that’s hardly an inconvenience tbh

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I have the app. I thought it just used for multiple render with the same quality.
Btw I have found the problem. I just need to set the bitrate around 8-12mbps and maximize some the render quality setting.

But I find new problem. All my videos when watch in mobile device has this black frame around it and the video view is. Sorry English isn’t my first language.
I heard I can use emulator on pc to adjust the frame in the game (my phone is 720p originally), but I prefer to play the game in my phone. Anyone has any idea to fix it?

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You mean like this?

(this is on youtube btw)

Yes, but that’s on pc. On mobile, the black frame also show up on top and below part. That makes the video even on smaller scale.