Video editing Tools for FGO stuff

That is because the game is recorded with your phones full screen ratio/resolution. In my case that is 1600x720 (20:9). Youtube doesn’t really support this kind of ratio so it puts the bars there to make a pseudo 16x9 video. If you zoom in on mobile you will see that it fits your full screen perfectly.

TL:DR it’s completely normal and intended, don’t worry about it :feh_flaynfish:

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Ok thx. Also you think for FGO video, what’s recommended bitrate setting? Or do I just use H.264 youtube 2-4k? After some thought, I do want to keep the quality of my recording. 8-12mbps is still looks kinda low quality on phones after all.

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I would suggest you keep the bitrate as is but add an effect called “Sharpen”. It sharpens the edges of everything in frame making is seem higher quality but be careful not to overuse it because the results can get messy. If that doesn’t work then try to play around with the settings and see if you can get better quality on an 8-12mbps.
I would say the preset should be like a last resort if anything else doesn’t do the trick

Hope this helps :fgo_jeannyes:

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Can i ask your opinion. Do you think is it bad to use frame blending + soften on FGO video like this? It kinda distract from some problems like lagging, noise, & how bad castoria edge look like.

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It does look bad unfortunately

Try to fix the problems within the screen recorder if possible and even if the footage is a little laggy it should not be much of a bother to people

Hope this helps :fgo_jeannehug:

Not exactly the recorder. My phone isn’t really high end or anything. It’s lagging sometimes.
I use blending effect to reduce people notice the lags.
Do you think is it good idea to use blending (planning to reduce it) to cover some lag? I’ll try not to blur this time.

It is not. I’m gonna take a guess and say that the lag usually happens after you use a skill

You could go the extra mile and cut the lag between skills, play on no bmg when recording and add a bmg of the game from things like youtube when editing so it doesn’t bother people when cuts happen.

You could also just redo the fight for better results hoping it won’t lag but that’s not ideal

Overall, that much blending is a problem and if none of the above suggestions don’t work then yeah, use it but keep it in moderation, experiment on it until you find a result you’re happy with

It happens right at skill animation sometimes --"

Like Lily Aquina video? I am afraid I can’t have that much time or energy for editing in the future.

Yeah maybe I’ll try to not use blur and minimize blending. I’ll try another way to fix the noise.

Edit: I find blur in capcut means blur motion, not the image. I think it was what I am looking for to smoother the transition. Hope it works.

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I’m sorry I wasn’t of much help then. Keep at it, I’m sure you’re gonna do great :cathug:

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One last question. Do you think if my footage is around 24 fps, is it worth to increase into 30 or 60 fps?

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If the footage is 24 fps I’d recommend increasing it to 30 fps only. Changing to 60 doesn’t do anything other than make the render time longer for no reason if the recording is 24 fps

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Xiaomi got a really good screen recorder now. Then I just do some vegas shit. If I want a pristine gameplay for a CQ or something I just play on emulator for the 60 fps.

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