Vigilo - Watchtower's Challenge

As Vigilo means ‘to watch/to be awake’’ - or something similar in Latin and it’s a short event with only 7 stages - it’s a great opportunity for people to use more of their rosters!

Keeping it simple as it’s a new event, challenge is as follows:

  1. Clear all the challenge mode stages, screenshot and post
  2. Operators can only be used on one map each (effectively garrisoning troops like in the Interlocking competition)
  3. (optional) - Work to shrink the squad sizes you use for each map
  4. (optional) - score your combined 7 clears
(optional scoring system)

1 - operators are worth their star value in points.
2 - the lower the total points value the higher the overall score.

There’s only 4 E2 (rec.) stages, so hopefully some newer players also give it a go!

Challenge crew so far

Folks that have been involved in previous challenges at some point

For the optionals - best to keep the clears under hide details to avoid spoilers for others trying to shrink their clears.


Greetings from some random pleb,
Could you clarify the rules regarding support units respective usage and scoring ?

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Hmm… might end up being busy this week but I’ll try and get some 4* runs done. Event being short doesn’t help since it adds a time constraint

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Hello, welcome :slight_smile:

To clarify:
1 . Any operator you use be it your own operator or from friend’s support can only be used once across all maps.
2. The scoring of these operators will be the same regardless of whether they are your operators or from freind’s support.

Example - Clearing map 1 with Weedy, Melantha and a friend support SilverAsh = 6+3+6 = 15 points. You can no longer use SilverAsh, Melantha or Weedy for the other maps.


Since I have poured my resources to E2 my core operators, I still don’t have a robust roster to spread my teams efficiently on five maps. Perhaps on the next “Vigilo” style event I will participate on the challenge but best of luck to all who will try it.

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Over half of my E2’d units are 6☆, and of the proportion that isn’t 6☆, only 35% are 4☆. :fgo_gudako: That is to say, I’m going to do really badly at this challenge.

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That 2nd number is under 8% for me so it will obviously work brilliantly… :ak_nervous:


Just make your 6* operators carry harder :ak_gladiiakek:


It’ll be interesting to see how many lower rarity ops actually get used

I imagine all the summoners will come into play, the big 6 star carries and then hopefully a wide range of supporting cast members to fill all the gaps

In theory the format helps prevent overkill so there should be some really imaginative and tight clears if all goes well

Im gonna fight all urges for building new ops.
Sorry Scene, sorry Deepcolor.

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Me: Ooh Skyfire can solo VI-1, her aoe arts damage and stun is perfect for this and it’s so rare she’s useful. I hope it works on challenge mode…

CM condition: :ak_laughinglappy:




(Lappland is the one that’s recharging.)

Which makes my current score 32, or the equivalent of one 6☆ and one 5☆ in every team. Not the worst thing ever, but that VI-3 run can definitely be improved.


Just kidding it’s 31.


Bonus: haha I’m in danger


I got CM-1 down to 7, but it cost me all my practise runs… which I was throwing away like candy… going to be a long week that might need a bit more attention and care

CM-1 ‘7’

Gitano’s range takes care of croc 2, which is a big bonus, but losing Orchid early isn’t ideal

If Pramjam can solo this then I’m upset already lol


VI-1 and VI-2 only cost 6 sanity, so unless you’re hurting for sanity I recommend saving tickets for later levels. Retrying refunds 3 sanity.

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Oh wait, we’re doing CM’s? :fgo_gudako: I completely missed the memo, gonna have to redo all my runs.

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:gun: always has been


I’ve made all the maps without the challenge restrictions.
I would advice to finish Vi-7 for farming and because it’s a boss fest(Faust , Ugly thing, Corrupted knight and Patriot) and it take too much time to clear and i don’t even think it’s worth farming.
I don’t think i’ll reduce my team for this one and i will make all the other’s maps without these operators instead


CM clean

Maybe i should post only interesting run for now.

Vi-1: CM i want to keep these guys alive

Clear 11 stars

Iris’s AI is interesting here, she will only attack the blocked unit if there are no others enemies in range and her S2 sleep seems to work even on the blocked unit unlike Blemshine’s.
Blemshine’s attacks don’t work on the blocked unit but she continue to gain Sp to heal the Shieldguard.

Vi-3 N mode:
i will try this with the challenge mode when my sanity point is recharged



Man are these tough.

VI-1 CM (8 stars)

Click, Indigo

I really wanted to win through shield bro buffs with Whishlash but I can’t seem to find a good team

VI-3 CM (14 stars)

Gladiia, Lava, La Pluma (inspiration from Iori)

I love flushing those turds down the hole

VI-4 CM (27 stars)

Archetto, Schwarz, Rosa, Ayerscarpe, Sussurro

Rosa keeps the giant in place while Schwarz blasts it with a speed boost

VI-7 CM (50 stars)

Bagpipe, Surtr, Suzuran, Kaltsit, Thorns, Skalter, Amiya, Elysium, Ambriel


Yeah I guess you’re probably right. Working through the stages normally also gives you a look at all the maps, enemies and restrictions so you have some idea of what maps are going to require what ops.

NIce to see so many different types of foes spread across all the different maps!

– Also, I’m liking people’s posts but not looking yet, I’ll take a look after I’m happy with my run for that map and maybe comment then.