Vika Voyage! A Fight4Treasure & Free2Pirate!

Here ye!! Hear ye!! :raised_hands:

I write here to tell a tale of a true pirates voyage for his most wanted treasure! :pray: :gem: :sparkles:

My journey for her did not start with much promise. Coming off of a hard failure in my last campaign on the summer banner, morale was very low for me… hopes were not high :disappointed: :cloud_with_rain: … and orbs… lost…

But alas,… I gathered myself and moved forward. I could not let her glory suffer because of my mistakes & despair. ( ‘-’)…

And so! A flag hoisted banner’s beginning! :fist: :pirate_flag:
And now! A voyage ended! A journey taken all the way to banner’s end! :fist: :fire:

And HERE. IS. THE TREASURE!! :raised_hands: :sparkler: :confetti_ball: :pirate_flag: :sparkles: :sparkling_heart:

Oh, Goddess ( ;-;) :sparkling_heart: :sparkles:

I did it :’) …
I actually did it :sob: :pray: :sparkles:

A voyage spanning the banner’s entire run. Day 1 all the way to the final day :fist: :fire:

376 Orbs :feh_orb: :star2:

A Fight for the Freedom Fighter and it was all Free!! :fist: :sparkles: :raised_hands: :sparkler:
No less as a Pirate’s life would find such booty & have his treasure! :fist: :pirate_flag: :gem: :sparkling_heart: :star2:

My 1st +10 Seasonal :pray: :sparkles:
And it’s her :sparkling_heart:
One who I’ve been wishing for to debut this whole time :pray: :star2:
This…She is a sight I am happy to have seen :relieved: :sparkling_heart:


(Kind of a day late post but shoutouts to procrastination, aha :sweat_smile: …)

Anyway, here’s my summon log :slightly_smiling_face: :sparkles: :

P!Vika (+HP/-Res) - 115

P!HinoCamilla - 117

P!Vika 4* (-Spd/+Res) - 132

Loki 4*Sp (+Def/-Res) - 136

P!Vika 4* (+Atk/-Spd) - 140

P!Vika 4* (+Atk/-Spd) - 149

P!Vika (+Def/-Res) - 162

Larum (-Atk/+Res) - 230

P!Vika 4* (+Def/-HP) - 254

P!Vika 4* - 278

Nina 4*Sp - 282

P!Vika (+Def/-HP) - 308

P!Vika 4* (+Res/-Atk) - 326

P!Vika - 367

P!Vika (+Spd/-Def) - 376


Nice! Good job on +10ing her!
Now join the Surge Sparrow church and give her some special acceleration >8D


Really, I want to! Aha, Just gotta get 2 B!Eirika’s :sweat_smile: :sparkles:

I’ve been trying Heavy Blade seal, it’s alright for now.


Congrats on her. It’s always nice to +10 a favourite and in a good number of orbs too.

I’ve never played her game but liked her design so did any colourless I saw aiming for Hinoka. Only got 1 of her (+Res -Spd) but really enjoying using her with all those lovely debuffs. Safe to say I’m a fan of hers now.


Thanks! :pray: :sparkles:

Ya! She’s only my 5th +10! ^_^ :sparkling_heart: