Violet or cidd?

should I level up and awaken violet or cidd? I have Iseria, Destina, Aramintha, Luluca, Yufine, Tywin, ML Rin just in case u need to know what other unit do I have

They’re both pretty good in all game modes, including Banshees-- it depends on what you want in PvP, really.

Violet is great because he can eat the apple and go after Dizzy, who is very common and annoying-- the usual way to deal with her is Immunity or just outspeeding her. Sol will be punching the hell out of him though, and you still have to have decent Speed, but I personally really like his evasion and counterattack kit.

Cidd you’re looking at more participation in the Speed race, but he is well suited for that. Only problem is that only SC Roozid can buff him for that sweet S3 damage-- but on the other hand, you can kill almost any Ice opponent right off the bat. Just beware of tanky Kraus and Angelicas.

I don’t really know the gameplan, since I’m new to this game. I’m not sure what unit should I team up with. Maybe If you don’t mind, you can help me about those things.
Anyway, I’m appreciate your help about the information. Thank you.

For the current PvP meta, I’d say Violet with Dreamblade.

Cidd is good for oneshotting before other heroes get turns, but is less and less viable as you get further up into the REALLY tanky teams.

Yufine is supposedly getting a sizable buff sometime soon (September).

I see. I guess I will grind for Violet soon. Thanks for the help