Virizion: Why do we care?

I was just looking over Virizion’s stats and movesets. He/she/it appears to be a poor attacker with terrible moves (no STAB fast move?)
Is this mon just a complete waste of time (i.e. Cobalion?)

Shaymin is near, so it might get Magical Leaf. Stay put.

-Maybe good against rocket Gyarados, it can resist bite and waterfall and do SE damage with Stone edge.

-If it get a grass, or a fighting, fast move in the future will be good against gym defender Rhyperion, been able to resist everything it throws.

-Probably get Regis treatment to be good for the 1% that plays PvP.

That what gets to my mind and the moment.

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Due to the double weakness to flying it is duoable, making it a rather easy tier 5 raid to collect the rewards. The pokemon itself is not of much use, due to bad stats and a terrible moveset.
So… it’s got that going for. Cobalion, just easier and you need one person less.

On a side note, this one will have unique counters that are rarely seen otherwise. yay variety.


Looks like its gonna be a nightmare for me then, probably no one around me has even powered up a decent Flyer.

Because some people play to fill the pokedex.

Nuff said.

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Don’t worry, if they didn’t have powered up a flyer at least they should have powered a team of Psystrike Mewtwo…yeeeeee

I do know that, however, a lot of players here only power up one of each species (in that case the strongest one). RIP

Well according to pokebattler up to 26 different pkm at lvl 30 are able to trio Virizion without friendship, so there is hope. The list include not flyers like Metagross, Chandelure, Espeon and Roserade.

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Good news is Unfezant is a decent attacker with Sky Attack and very accessible. You wont need a Sky Attack Moltres or flying type Rayquaza to take down Virizion. Honchkrow and Unfezant will due just fine for flying types.

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Cause is an easy duo. Free rare candies and charged TM’s.


Charged TM’s are not guaranteed from tier 5 raids only from tier 4.

But on a good note rare candies are back in tier 5.

Are you trying to imply that people in your area don’t have maxed skarmory army?

In all seriousness, both murkrow and pidove are quite common and evolving a few high level ones shouldn’t be too much of a problem. TMing a ray ray or two is also an option and psystrike mewtwo is also SE. One can easily duo it with quite a lot of species and the number of trio counters is even higher. Three people with a few level 30 skarmory can defeat this raid boss btw.

If anyone wonders, the maxed skarmory is indeed mine. Why did I max it? Because it’s one of my favorite pokemon and I got a perfect IV one. I mostly use it as a gym defender

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I’m sorry to have to tell you that even with a full army of maxed perfect skarmories the duo isn’t possible…

I never said that in my comment.

Although on pokebattler with a windy boost and against lef blade skarmory comes quite close to the 600 seconds mark.

That being said, as I said in my comment a trio with skarmory is quite easy and could be easily done by three people who catch a few high level skarmory at a nest.

What about Honchkrow? Murkrows are literally everywhere and has some more potential than Unfezant.

Here’s the top 4 DPS with no weather boost, no specific moveset for Virizion, and no TDO only DPS (though adding in DPS and TDO doesn’t change the top 4)

Magic Leaf would have to be all kinds of broken for Virizion to be anything more than dex-filler.

If it acted like Psycho Cut it would work well with Leaf Blade and Virizion would be a fine alternate Grass type. Remember it’s quite tanky, like Rhyperior and Milotic.

Remember that Leaf Blade is one of the highest DPS moves in the game. One Grass fast move will make Virizion semi-viable or viable.

Viability for Virizion would still require a really powerful Grass quick move. If given an average/above average Grass move, it would likely have a DPS output similar to or less than FP Venusaur but with improved bulk. Sceptile would still kill it in DPS at the cost of TDO. Being on-par with a community day nonlegendary starter that most people have oodles of candy for isn’t exactly what I’d call viable for a legendary.

In PvP, even if it was given a really powerful Grass quick move, Virizion would still have limited use. It’s CP from raids is too high to make it in to the GL, so that’s off the table until its put in research boxes. UL is probably the most ignored league at the moment, where it doesn’t do anything meaningful against the league’s top threats. In ML, it could function as a good specialist against Swampert, Groudon, Kyogre, Tyranitar, and that’s about it. Grass is a highly specialist type, being SE into only three types while getting resisted by seven. So it would have very limited uses in the Ultra/Master leagues where Water-types aren’t as prominent as they are in the Great League.