Vlad Extra vs Ibaraki Summrer, Ushi summer vs Scathach summer

Vlad Extra (NP3) vs Ibaraki Summer (NP3)
Which one is better?

Ushi Summer (NP3) vs Scathach (NP5)
Which one is better with or without double skadi?

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Vs Evil: Vlad. If desiring a more tanky DPS, Vlad is preferable.
General play: Ibaraki.
Overall: Ibaraki, imo. Strong NP recursion, debuff cleanse, star bomb and crit amp, wonderful combination with her best support in Merlin. Not that Vlad doesn’t also have that, on top of having utility in his taunt (combined with Merlin’s Illusionism you can forcibly get his NP up vs enemies with high hitcounts), and debuff resistance, but Ibaraki is just a much better DPS overall and that tilts things in her favor since you don’t need to resist against a dead enemy.

With double Skadi:
If MLBscope: Ushi, due to her charge and 3T buff and near-exact Quick buff (9% off)
If not: Ushi still, as her battery allows for more comfortable farm and using e.g. BG with even a single Skadi in certain compositions.
Without: Ushi, due to her Evade, chance at buff stripping, reliable star pull for forcing accelerated NP gen, longer steroids, and altogether more cohesive kit. Plus, NP3 Ushi even does near-comparable damage to NP5 Scathach, and a raised Scathach’s sole utility is her “big Assassin damage.”

Raise all four, though, imo. Each have their worth. I personally have.

Priority, IMO: Ushi > Iba > Vlad > Scathach. Can pass on Scathach if desired once you’ve raised Ushi though, her kit hasn’t aged wonderfully.

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Vlad Extra is way more stable than Ibaraki. Huge defense and most importantly innocent monster to ensure crits. Ibaraki is way easier on the eye though, and I assure you you’d sooner try to replace an adequately performing Vlad than replacing an underwhelming Ibaraki. That’s just the kind of game FGO is.

As for the Assassins, it’s Ushi no contest, because NP2 or above non-welfare will always be better than NP5 welfare of the same role, unless the welfare in question is Chloe or Kintoki. Yes, even Kagetora is debatable.

For Lancer:

Ibaraki is better in short/medium term fights due to her bursty damage. Her 1st skill has multiplicative buffs, her NP that gives star bomb and her 3rd skill to absorb said stars and crit hard. You can even use her 2nd skill to cleanse yourself of the star drop debuff after her NP.

Vlad Extra is a super tanky Lancer and fills a hybrid DPS/support role with his 1st skill serving as a taunt + star gen and his 3rd skill giving NP damage up to the whole party (quite a rare buff). But damage wise, Vlad falls a bit short except when against Evil enemies.

For Assassin:

Ushi is definitely better for quick farming especially with a NP battery allowing for more flexible CE choices + she has a 3T quick buff + Star Absorb skill. Her NP also has a Quick resistance down which makes it even better when paired with Skadi who can enable multiple NPs for higher and higher damage.

Scathach, on the other hand, struggles to build her NP bar and her kit sacrifices one benefit for another (e.g. Taunt + Crit up usually you don’t need both benefits at the same time) and all her skills are 1T only.

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Clad has bad damage due to his low attack, although at NP3 he will definitely perform better. He has a one turn defense up. Sure it is not bad, but against NP that’s not enough, especially you can’t heal using his skill straightaway after the NP turn if you use it to survive the NP. Tactics is just a underwhelming skill. Too low a buff. Third skill is fine, but I won’t say it is very impressive.
Ibaraki is much easier to use I feel. Just pop the first skill whenever you can. Ibaraki generates NP and stars pretty well too, so her NP comes faster than Vlad. Her NP hits harder than Vlad against non-trait enemies, she is also able to crit better than Vlad.

vlad is a solid lancer that can survive enemy np’s by little defense stacking alone. Unless enemy is evil i wouldnt recommend using him but if enemy is evil then he’s really good to use.

Ushi > sca

If you are against evil enemies go for Vlad, if not go for Ibaraki
I think that more general use(Aka damage of the NP) Scathach but in more gimmicky situations Ushi, but i’m not sure

You’re probably only using the assassins for farming, so ushi > Scathach because she has a battery

And I think ibaraki is better unless youre fighting an evil enemy

So generally Ibaraki is better than Vlad except for Evil Boss.
Ushi is more preferable than scathach.
Thanks for your answer

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