Vlad (extra) vs Liz

Hey guys so Ill keep it short. I know they do different things also that one is ST and tanky and the other is AOE and support but I’ve been lacking a solid Lancer for a while now (only have CU) and since Karna has eluded me (after like 140 Sqs :frowning: ) I need to commit to one of them. Just wanted to get some advice on which would give a better advantage in the upcoming event and in general. I was thinking Liz just because I dont have a aoe lancer but not sure.

F for Karna.

I think you should go for Vlad III. Eli still needs some investment for her skills to make a significant impact and her Sadistic Charisma only works on females excluding herself. Other than her support, her NP damage is pretty lackluster too, so it’s unreliable, and her generation stats aren’t the best either.

Vlad Extra is probably the best choice since he has too much utility that everyone can make use of, so you’ll find him a place pretty often, not only with female teams against trash archer mobs.
He can generate stars, has good, consistent buffs for himself with low cooldowns and can tank a bit, which will help you in many situations. His tactics can also help you with NP chains to deal even more damage if you bring another waveclearer. I think he’s a better hybrid compared to Eli.

Still, if you like Eli a bit more and/or also play more with female servants, she’ll work wonders better in that niche and you’ll probably feel better with that.

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Both! They’re both bonus servants for SE.RA.PH. Lancer training ground day is tomorrow. You can do this!

Honestly, Vlad III is really good, especially against Evil enemies. (How I wish I had him in Shinjuku.) But you’ll need to do a lot of wave clearing, so I’d actually recommend going for Liz. Her mats are pretty easy too, since she’s a launch servant.

We’ll get a welfare lancer this Christmas—Jeanne d’Arc Alter Santa Lily is an excellent farmer (very good mana burst, 20% charge, np5, AoE buster NP that increases everyone’s attack for the rest of the turn, meaning it’s good for putting first in NP chains). In the original event, we got everything to bring her mana burst to 10…she does a lot of damage. Will probably replace your Liz unless you manage to get her to higher NP levels.

If you plan to roll for Lancer Raikou this August, she’s probably a better ST lancer than Vlad. (Think: Lancer Alter, but ST.)

well I was going to pick Lalter for the free 4 star this fall so the aoe lancer situation would be solved. But we will see what happens when the guaranteed 5 star gotcha happens this summer (hopefully karna comes home lol)

I should probably add that Liz is NP2 and Vlad is still 1

I’d go vlad still even if liz is at np2. Still level liz as she’s useful if you run a lot of all female teams. But Vlad has a very strong bonus against evil alignment servants. And there are a about 20 evil Berserker/archer servants, and a few of them show up as bosses quite frequently. The problem with Liz for me is her np is pretty lack luster, Her buffs/debuffs are nice but you have santa jalter if you need an aoe lancer for free later this year again and she hits 20% more on np for farming plus has a np charge skill

Recommend you Level Vlad.
He only needs to be ascended to level 70 instead of 80 and will be more or less at 99% of his stats and have all his skills.
His growth curve is flat from 70 to 80.
And, even at level 70 his HP can rival some 5 stars.
You will save lots of embers and ascension materials. Of course, you could level him to 80 but you will only get 200-300 ish of attk and HP from 70 to 80.
You should max fou him though.

Question is whether do you have enough materials to ascend Vlad III to 70?
He requires quite alot of Fool’s Chains.

unfortunately I spent almost all of mine on Hijikata

Relatively good drop rate in Camelot if you wanna farm them…
Wastelands of death.

I got both too and Elisabeth is great if you got strong female buster servants and dont care if they get killed while vlad help better if you need someone more tanky and need stars/taunt .(vlad ult is more useful tho)

Also if you wanna have the “feel” of using them before committing to one " 184,781,757 " is my friend code, vlad in all and liz in lancer slot