Voices that caught your heart (but I actually post the whole thing)

(Tfw you post the topic without finishing it first because of a missclick :fgo_seiba: maybe no one can relate because they actually know how to do stuff.)

As someone who LOVES voices in general, to me a good voice is one of the most attractive feature someone could have. :feh_navarreculture:
So of course I grew found of certain seiyuus while watching anime : I’m that person who keeps pausing the episode whenever a new character comes in because all I can think about is “I HEARD THAT VOICE BEFORE” and I always have to check the VA out.

This is why I wonder, which characters caught your interest because you fell l in love with their voice ?

In my case, I actually got into the Fate series because of GARcher; although there is the fact that I loved his design from the get-go (hot, tan skin, white hair, perfect bod’, who can blame me), it’s mostly because of the fact that he is voiced by Junichi Suwabe who is my favorite seiyuu of all time. So a point for him.
I also have to mention Ozymandias and Hans because like any good Jojotard, I would probably throw my panties at Takehito Koyasu (well who wouldn’t tho).
I also really like Kouki Uchiyama’s voice as Tristan and Amakusa Shirou, I always think of Meruem when I hear him lol which is a good thing.

OH AND KINTOKI I LOVE HIS VOICE SO MUCH HE SOUNDS LIKE SUCH A HAPPY ROCK’N ROLL BRO DUMBASS. If someone with a Ridertoki in his support setup sees this please add me I could trade my Ozy for him if it was possible. The fact that he has the same seiyuu as Karna still gets me.

On a more womanly side : Penth’s VA does such a good job, she could OUTRAGE AMAZON my ass any day.
Also Nobu ! I recognized her voice instantly (Kagura from Gintama and Alphonse from FMA). Gotta love Rie Kugimiya !
Ushiwakamaru, Drake (and Billy), Shuten, Mordred and Medea are also perfect when it comes to that but there are probably many other voices I forgot.

PS : I didn’t mention some obvious ones like characters voiced by Miyano Mamoru or Takahiro Sakurai because well they are great of course but I’m really used to them at this point.

PS 2 : GRAMPS ! Almost forgot Daddy Hassan, how could I ! If I die and neither God or Satan sounds like him then what’s the point.


When I first heard Sigurd’s voice, I immediately recognized it as Seto Kaiba’s voice. So of course I’m going to be rolling for my Blue Eyes White Dragon slayer :fgo_alterasanta:

I also love Merlin’s and Arthur’s VA. It’s the same guy who voices Rohan sensei from Jojo part 4 and I always found his voice so soothing.

And of course, hearing Lelouch’s/Koro-sensei’s voice from the great Mothman himself is amazing.

I couldn’t believe it the first time I saw it :joy: such a talented VA


God I recently started reading YGO so I’m not familiar with the voices yet… I didn’t know about that, I love Kaiba so it makes me love Sumanai even more. :catcry:

Somehing something daga kotowaru. But yeah Sakurai has an amazing voice, I hear him everywhere though (not that I mind <<).

Didn’t know about Mothman either, they really got everyone in this game don’t they. oo

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Iskandar. No one does beefy daddies like Akio Ohtsuka.

The only true answer to this question. Aoi Yuuki is an absolute goddess. Also, she has range. Did you know she voices Okita as well? Or Komachi from Oregairu. Two different loli vampires (Mina Tepes and Krul Tapes). Madoka. Dianne from Seven Deadly Sins.

Also, UMU. Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing a lot of Extella and Extella Link recently but I just love listening to her. Sakura Tenge is another favorite. She also does Jack and the original best magical girl: Sakura Kinomoto.

I also really love Illya and Kuro but that’s because of Prillya more than anything. I do really like this MyRoom conversation with Illya though.


Wrong Brynhild lover.


I think the first time I was seduced by a voice was Brynhild. This was when she first came out and had that trial quest, her subtle voice entranced me and I went all in. Too bad the relationship was one sided.

Later when I took a break from the game, I came back to see Raikou and hearing her voice and seeing her character design was a match made in heaven, but I didn’t get her until a year later during the onigashima rerun. Now I use her all the time, she’s the ultimate waifu, unlimited mama works.

Astolfo is an honorable mention, his peppy attitude is such a breath of fresh air, you can’t hate him. The VA also does such a good job with Liz as well.

The prillya crew is a given, they’re just on another tier of cute. Can’t wait to complete the trio with Miyu.


This. I’m going for her just for the voice. Once you hear it you just feel relaxed and want to fall asleep. Absolute nut.

Gramps Hassan. Joji Nakata was awesome with him. Further magnifies the character’s aura.

Also all Takehito Koyasu servants. Its not even the Dio voice. His voice just sounds so distinct and memorable like KanaHana. Ozy’s Dajaku Dajaku and Hans’s burner tongue are absolute wins for me.


Double this. Throwing quartz at her banner for tomoe. If she comes to, yuppie.


I’d be very fine if the Lord, either one, sounded like…
Kiara - Tanaka Rie’s soothing voice was just such a pleasure to listen to after that ~450SQ roll to get her, and probably did its part in me deciding to grail her to 100 :fgo_kiarasmile:

Atalante - Hayami Saori’s impeccably pronounced Greek NP basically got me, September 4*-ticket simply had to be put in for her - I’ll think about grailing some time after '21…

Long Arm Hassan - nice bass, would be another long term grail-candidate…



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Just seeing Hayami-sama’s name on the profile tab makes me feel so good inside.


The seiyu of Nobu is the most magical thing i have ever listened on my life, is simply the glory


There’s only one servant’s voice that caught me and that was Sanson’s. I can’t help but listen to him speak all day! His lines may be OK at best but his smooth sounding tone more than makes up for it!


To no one’s surprise, Saori Hayami is one of my favourite female seiyuus. Her voice always sounds so soft and pretty, I love how she sounds all the time, outside of her FGO roles too, of course. Every character she’s voiced, even if some might not be a fave, I like them just because of their voice. Some are instant faves, though, like Martha and Melt, or Kachou Fugetsu / Hana in Onmyoji. But I admit her voice is what made me mostly interested at first in these characters, only for later to love them because of how they are.

Yuu Kobayashi is another amazing seiyuu whose voice I love, and no, it’s not only because of Enkidu. I loved her role in Umineko (the games, we don’t touch the anime), voicing another male character, Kanon. Needless to say, he’s also a fave character of mine. So when I found out she was voicing Enkidu, that just did it. Absolutely perfect.

Hikaru Midorikawa is popular and I’ve heard him in too many roles that I can barely remember, but that doesn’t stop me from loving his voice for Diarmuid.

Memes aside, I love Takehito Koyasu, and yes, I love Hans’ voice (and well, Ozy’s as well). While it struck me as a shock hearing it for the first time on Hans, Koyasu’s voice is too good for me to dismiss. Absolutely love it.

ALMOST FORGOT, but Takaya Hashi. His voice for Moriarty? Amazing. I love it. I wasn’t very interested in Moriarty at first, but the Shinjuku chapter and hearing his voice made it for me. I love it, and I love him.

And on the topic, kind of, a seiyuu that doesn’t have a role in fgo or any fate series yet, but I would love to hear him in and I would instantly nut if he ever got hired: Yoshimasa Hosoya. Give me Hosoyan’s sexy handsome voice, DW. I’ll break the bank for any Servant that has his voice. I absolutely love Hosoyan :catlove:


When Moriarty goes into Papa mode, it make me go lol. That made me root for Fran team in Summer 2 event.

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One of the reason i like Jeanne so much is because of Maaya Sakamoto’s voice.

She has such a soothing voice, that plus her range is just amazing… going from Shiki to Jeanne to Da Vinci, not Fate related but she even voiced Shinobu from Monogatari in which her performance was incredible.

Definitely my favorite seiyuu to this day.




That’s a fact of life.

I forgot to mention her ! All the female servants with a more mature voice are a+++ for me anyway. :catroll:

THIS. Ngl I’d pay for a Shuten ASMR video…

Also I agree about Koyasu’s voice the man is just amazing. But even in the game they are aware of the whole Dio thing (with the “it was me” joke used in the Halloween event) so it wouldn’t surprise me if his “dajaku dajaku” was a reference to Dio’s “hinjaku hinjaku”.

Yeah his VA did a great job ! Arash’s whole monologue when he used his NP in Camelot is really amazing when you hear it, I’m gonna lose my shit when it will be animated. :fgo_insane:

Well Miyano Mamoru is one of the most popular seiyuu for a reason. You should like Jekyll and Bedivere’s voices as well since they got the same VA.

Wow the fact that he never voiced a servant is pretty surprising now that I think about it. I absolutely love his voice too especially in sports animes like Prince of Tennis, Haikyuu or Kuroko no Basket; such an ikemen voice.~

Just for her french NP lines she wins.


HanaKana servant when?

Likely a crazy one. Snapped Hanakana>>>100% sweet HanaKana


i’m weak to Midorikawa Hikaru voice and Miyano Mamoru voice :relieved::sparkles: when i first time play fgo just listen the summon line of Diarmuid (VA:Midorikawa Hikaru) and Sanson (VA:MAMO) i knew it right away.

voice that i happen to like after play fgo is Tomokazu Seki (voice Gilgamesh) his laughing voice and w̶h̶e̶n̶ ̶h̶e̶ ̶y̶e̶l̶l̶ ̶z̶a̶s̶s̶h̶u̶ is the best :relieved::sparkles: and also whenever he speak always remain me Suneo from Doraemon :joy::joy:

the voice i can’t wait to hear is Qing shi huang,voice by Jun Fukuyama.
i’m huge fans of joker from persona 5,love his voice so much,can’t wait Qing shi huang release at NA.

also really appreciate have people bring up the voice behind these character,I really love VA behind all the character.


he voices Mephy too