Void Weapon DPS in HDT

Is there a good resource for comparing DPS for a character with different weapons? I have a 5* T3 0UB weapon for each HDT, but I want to know if the Void weapons with high dragon banes result in a higher DPS than my current weapons.


I wonder this too, are bane weapons better for HDTs? Though I would think it’s comparable when you take into acount the fact that these weapons have significantly less damage and they lack an active skill.
Still, are they a better option in the end?

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A number of people did the math when they first released void weapons, but I’m having trouble finding it now. The general consensus was that MUB 5 star void weapons were close in overall power to standard 0UB 5* elemental weapons. Whether or not the void weapons were"better" depends on the other skill they provide and the active skill on the elemental weapon they replace.

The takeaway is the the void weapons with high dragon bane’s are all viable, but its preferred that they be MUB. You characters strength/might will look a bit lower when using void weapons, but most groups understand the bane ability will make up some of the difference.

When deciding which weapon to craft you should consider which resources you have and are willing to spend. While all of the materials for void weapons are farmable, if you gave twinkling sands available then making the regular weapon can be faster and cheaper.

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So to try this out for myself, I built a Strohm Mare for my Xainfried. Comparing a 0UB Strohm Mare to a 0UB Ocean Lord, my might drops by 195, my strength drops by 329, my HP drops by 78, and I lose Ocean’s Healing but I gain 20% extra damage against HBH.

I know that damage is based off of strength, but I don’t know the exact formula. As a rough guess, I added 20% to my strength with Strohm Mare, and that would be higher than my strength using Ocean Lord. But I am not certain if that will result in noticeably more damage.

It takes 20-30 Void Agni runs to get enough resources to build a single Strohm Mare, plus 750000 rupies. But it costs 2.3 million rupies for a single Ocean Lord. And the void weapons do nor require resources from IO, allowing you to use those for leveling dojos. Perhaps with weapons with damaging skills it gets less clear, but for water weapons with healing skills I think the Void weapons may be better.