Vote for- WHO CARES!? (Actually, I do care, I'm just a little upset about how forceful some people are)


I’m unsure if these votes will do anything, but…


Halo will be happy to see this


Owain and Eirika will most likely not win.

Marth might have a chance, but… :man_shrugging:


You’d be a bit surprised. I think Owain got 17th last year.

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That was before 3H got included in CYL.


Wait, he got 89th, never mind fam.

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Marth and Eirika, you say?


Indeed I am.

Owain not likely. Eirika actually seems to have more support than I expected which makes me happy. She might get 2nd.


Plus, it kinda makes sense that Eirika should get a brave alt, since her brother has a brave alt

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Weird. People actually voting for her now, but they were quick to dispose of her when she got her Amnesiss alt.

I don’t care if this is a waste. I’m going all the way. No matter what.


Yes. She was actually doing quite well in cyl2 (when Ephraim won) and was very likely to win. Then they released the trailer featuring her Sacred Memories alt during voting and her support plummeted.

Because she got said alt during voting :feh_azura:

And now she’s got enough versions to make an Eirika Emblem. Don’t know how that changed anything, but I guess.

I’m sure Marth will get through though I won’t exactly be salty if Claude wins

Don’t mind me


And I will vote for Inigo in the next CYL, just want to finish my team.

I swear I will never vote for a lord.

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Will choose someone different every day.

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She’s been in the top 10 three times, she has a much better shot at winning that most other females. I did some research for a different thread, females that placed in the top 10 all three times included Eirika, Female Robin, Female Corrin, And Camilla (which she obviously got her alt now as she placed second last year). So any of these are still contenders this year compared all the other females and first timers from 3H.

If 3H characters are as popular as people say they are, then Edelgard is probably gonna be one of the two winning females. I guess at that point it comes down to who placed higher of the ones you listed aside from Camilla.