Voting Gauntlet Feature Request

I know I am being unkind, but I really wish there was a feature where after each voting gauntlet battle, you got the opportunity to berate your teammate’s for using such crappy units. All I ask is that you put Reposition or Swap on your stupid unit and let me win the battle on my own, but nooooo… you gotta give me the worst builds and the worst trash units each and every single match :/


Same :fgo_ereshdistress:




I thought you were talking about the enemy units for a minute.


I usually get units with barely any skills but my bernie can take out the enemy just on her own :feh_catria:

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That’s the problem with how the Friend system works. There’s no way to lock units in. Half the time these friend units are less chosen and more a result of them not knowing/caring and end up switching their Team 1 constantly. Yes, game, I DO like seeing my +4 Narcian and support +10 NY!Camilla get saddled with a level 37 Laslow who hasn’t even upgraded from Silver Sword yet. It’s fine if people don’t upgrade everything right away. That’s their prerogative, but at least make the team pairings on even ground.


i feel like doing random shit like putting random teams together in VG and let things work theselves out is pretty much IS’ entire modus operandi for the game.

i guess we should be grateful that damage in this game isn’t random.

I only use lv 1 VG units so I can win with my friends’ OP units so I don’t have this problem :feh_catria:


Yes it happens all the time maybe im going to start using the dire one with enough speed and galeforce so i dont need teammates

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Was it mine,per chance? :eyes:


Yes, and she keeps showing up. I don’t need Reds for Quests anymore

jk, she’s been the only consistently good Friend unit this VG



Oh and,I know what you mean.

During the very first round of VG, I kept getting this Brave Hector in my battles. He appeared in like 6 batttles in a row.

Dude,chill. :feh_hecstare:


There’s no penalty anymore for losing or quitting a VG match so there’s really no incentive to do this. =/

My only issue is when I’m trying to get my 1.1x bonus points and I’m struggling to complete the flag quests because my allies aren’t the right color, even after dozens of resets.


I think only swords, axe, lance and beast units can use galeforce :feh_maethink:

O really well i didnt care for voting gauntlet anyways, the only time i cared was for free altina

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What’s weird is that the vast majority of my friend’s list has +10 units, and I never see any of them. I have a +10 halloween hector as a friend. You’d think I would see this? but no, I get level 20 alfonse with no skills.

If someone has me on their friend’s list, I’d be curious to know if you’ve seen my +10 itsuki or not.

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oh comon egervari
you’ve been on this site longer than most people, you should know about the subcategories when making a thread

i have seen a +10 itsuki but in allegaince battles


so far, i saw what i think is your sothis in the vg, nothing else.

Finally @Rin
I’ve been writing stuff wrong for the last week
My test was a success