Voyager Ascension and Skills

Information from Appmedia and Kazemai
Lv 90 Foreigner: MAX ATK: 10450, MAX HP 15592
Super low ATK for a 5 star and his HP is on the higher end


  • QQAAB, M.T Q Noble Phantasm
  • Q-3, A-3, B-3, E-5
  • NP Gain: 0.51
  • Star Gen: 15.1


  • Existence Outside the Domain C: Gain 2 Crit stars every turn. Increase own debuff resistance by 6%
  • “Single Sailing A”: Increase own Crit damage by 8%. Increase own Arts Card performance by 8%
  • “Civilization Contact D”: Increase own buff-removal resistance by 10%


  • Increase own NP gauge (30-50%), gain debuff resist (3 Turns), gain 10 stars. 8-6 CD. I don’t see a value on the debuff resistance so it might acutally be debuff immunity
  • Grants self evasions (1 Turn), improves Quick card performance by (10-20%) 3 turns, decrease enemy’s Quick card resistance by (10%-20%) 3 turns. 8-6 CD
  • Increase one ally’s Crit star gather rate (300-600%) 1 turn, increase party’s crit damage (20-30%) 3 turns, increase party’s critical attack chance resistance (10-20%) 3 turns. 8-6 CD.


  • 5 hits, Quick MT
  • Increase own NP strength 1 turn (20-40%) scales with OC
  • Increased damage to Divine enemies
  • Increase party’s NP gauge by 20%
  • Further increase NP gauge of “Living” allies by 10%. (Mostly Pseudo-Servants and Mash)

Did some quick math and it looks like he’s a pretty stable looper and I don’t think he need any overkill hits. It looks a bit tight against Berserkers and Assassins though. The only problem is his low damage.

Voyager’s major competition is Dantes though and he has way better attack.


You should definitely qualify what you mean by pretty stable. 0.51% with a 5 hits is pretty oof tier refund. Granted he also gets a flat 20% back on top of that but it means he can’t loop with something like Hogwarts + regular scope like the other top tier loopers can( which is not surprising with the trend of DW basically gimping your NP gain if you’re green ; see saberstolf carmilla Nightingale etc. )

But then again 50% charge with the 20% flat charge means he’s not reliant on MLB scope to triloop with no RnG.

Outside of Dantes, spishtar is also a neutral green AoE beatstick with 50% charge so …

From my (quick) calc, I don’t see him doing any tri-looping, without MLB kscope+2004 or plugsuit or major overkill.
Basically around Lancelot/Achilles tier as a NP looper. Worst than Dantes but more stable than Sei Shonagon.

I’m just gonna take the L on this one and I should not be trying to do math after staying up all night.

I really need to know what his third skill really means


I think it’s decrease crit damage receive (?)

…ok that may make sense

Xnaya already made a video with double skadi (all lvl 1 voyager) and it’s work better than i expected.


So Achilles all over again

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The difference between the first and third battle animations tho, from kira kira stars to super saiyan, rockets and explosions :laughing:


He’s Disney-level cute, but that’s not really my thing. Since there doesn’t appear to be anything extremely compelling in his gameplay, I think I can safely pass.

I guess when I wished for a male Foreigner, I should have wished more specifically for a brooding, hot male Foreigner, but at least the gender monopoly for that class has been broken.


Finally a Shota!


París: i’m a joke of you?


If you want to see max lvl voyager with double skadi (different CE,enemy and set up)


Safe pass, though.

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Speaking of, I am patiently awaiting the advent of Ashiya Douman to Egoes…:fgo_limbo:

As for smol boi - he…cute? I am more intrigued by the classy dame that Kijyo turns out to be.


It doesn’t contradict what I said and doesn’t exceed what I was expecting. Roughly Lancelot tier in term of NP looper. The topmost Quick NP looper with no mlb Kscope + specific MC, no plugsuit and no overkill

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Is there a post that shows his ascension mats?

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I think he is more flexible due to the 50% charge and 20% flat refund. Might do better than Dantes against fights with a 2 target middle wave.

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