Voyager Conceptually invincible vs Ishtar

So I read in a comment on a Reddit post that because the scientists that designed the Voyager probe calculated that the probability it would ever hit a celestial body would be basically zero, Voyager (servant) had a conceptual strength for avoiding any attacks that manipulate said celestial bodies. If true, wouldnt this make him basically invincible versus Ishtar, and possibly other servants as well? Ishtar comes to mind because her noble phantasm shoots the concept of Venus at her foes, but with Voyager’s advantage he would always be able to dodge this, making it impossible for her to beat him

At best I think that makes him conceptually immune to her NP.

Not sure what would stop her from peppering him with mana blasts or kicks to the face otherwise.


Him having a perma-evade on planets won’t protect him from getting hit by Ishtar’s other attacks.

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That’s fair, but fighting without a noble phantasm is crippling for most servants, so I dont think that Voyager would have trouble beating her with his np

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I think Voyager can be beaten with a glass of warm milk and a Xanax.


How about we take this to the logical extreme: My probability to ever hit a celestial body is also basically zero. So is yours. Does that mean we are immune to Ishtar’s NP?

Yeah, I mean, the chance of any given object that is moving in a non-orbital trajectory hitting a celestial body is basically zero. Space is really big, you guys.

This whole thing reminded me of a gaming webcomic that came out around the time Phoenix Wright was added to the roster of Marvel vs. Capcom. The gag was that this ordinary guy would face off against Street Fighter characters and Marvel heroes and villains, and he would go “Objection!”, explain how their techniques, power, or physiology doesn’t make any sense, and then they would disappear in a puff of logic.

I imagine something similar happening here. Ishtar would do her NP animation, throw Venus at him, there would be a giant freaking explosion, and once the dust settled, Voyager would be standing in the middle of the crater and go, “Nuh-uh! You cannot hit me, because I avoid every celestial object!”

Then, at this point, Phoenix would walk in from the left, point a finger at him, yell “Objection!” and tell him that planet Earth is also a celestial body, at which point Voyager would suddenly get catapulted through the stratosphere and turn into a twinkle in the sky.

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This needs to be the premise of Carnival Phantasm season three.

Also brings to mind the way Arthur Dent learns to fly in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”:

“Just throw yourself at the ground, and miss.”

Which is, ironically, basically the definition of orbiting.

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