Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (And reeeeee)

So, I finally got that Charged TM, so that Tyranitar could finally get rid of return. And, what does she get?

I died a little. ■■■■■■■ FIRE BLAST!? I WANTED STONE EDGE OR CRUNCH!! So, looks like I’ll be walking her some more until she gets a second charged move. Watch it be something stupid like… I don’t know, Dynamicpunch, or whatever moves it gets! I’m a little pissed off by this!

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To be fair, having a second charge move will guarantee you get both of the moves you want once you have another charge TM seeing as Tyranitar only has three charge moves, so move 2 will be either Crunch or Stone Edge. Do that then TM Fire Blast off and it’s whichever you didn’t get as move 2 :+1:


The only problem is that I now no longer have any Charged TMs. My next best is to do the Meltan quests, since I finally got Ditto out of the way, or if I can somehow find more Feebas and evolve it into Milotic, then those quests will eventually lead to another Charged TM

That’s fine. You’ll get them through the quests eventually, plus that gives you time to amass the candy and Stardust for the second move

True and for Fire Blast
At least it’s not Return, but jeez…

The next Charge TM will give either Crunch (best) or Stone Edge (fine but does not pair well with Bite).

I know the pain.

It took 19 CTM to go from Hydro Pump to Surf on a Kyogre.


This mechanic NEEDS to change - the amount of time and money needed to earn those RNG resources for them to still rely further on RNG is simply moronic - and in no way encourages someone to want to play more.
I have used in excess of 35 CTM to get 2 Mon their moves. The other was Lucario. 16 CTM in 3 sittings to get it Power Up Punch. 2 days later Aura Sphere came out.
So I had 40+ CTM, used most and them and the result is one Kyogre has the moves I am satisfied with.
I will give you 1 guess on how motivated I am for this game after that.



And here is why I’m sticking with hydro pump for Kyogre. It has the bulk to use it decently anyway.

With you on the need for change. TMs have never been about RNG in the main games.

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Try to do more high and mid level raids. Charged TMs often come as raid rewards. Many active raiders have as many as 50 of each, and often have to throw away Fast TMs. If you can’t find a group to do T4 and T5 raids, at least build up so you can do T3 raids. (Of course, everyone is focusing on the T1 for Timburr now, but I suspect that won’t be a long term thing.)

Agree. My guess is that when they open up the level cap, one of the perks you’ll get for being some level above 40 is that you can pick moves for TMs. Will make Mew far more playable in PvP, and might even be a way to allow the top players to get legacy and/or CD moves.

Just converted my top Dragonite to PvP. Took 5 FTMs to get Dragon Breath, and 4 CTMs to get Dragon Claw (with Hurricane as a second move). Or, I could have gotten lucky and got DC as a second move, and used 1 TM to get DB, for DB/Outrage/DC. The spent resources disparity is silly, and could have been even worse. Fortunately, I have over 12 of each remaining, but foresee using them soon on Garchomp, Togekiss, Conk, and other stuff I’m powering up. Something’s gotta give, …

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Srsly? In my area Heatran is raided pretty hard for shiny, Timburr only a little.

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I can’t. I barely hang out with any friends! The one I hang out with the most doesn’t even play Pokemon GO. I can’t solo a 3 star raid, since I tried, but it timed me out, WHILE SCYTHER’S CP WAS BEING LOWERED!!

Keep catching, keep powering up relevant pokemon and in time you will.

On a side note, I got 3 Charged TMs from a tier 5 raid yesterday with random people. You don’t need to know anyone as long as there are people raiding.

There’s barely anyone at my college who are in a raid. (There was an Aerodactyl raid I helped out in, with 3 other people, but that’s it.) I’ll probably have to do something, like go out to Seattle by myself on the next coming up Community Day in February, but I’m still a little scared to go there by myself.

All tier 3 raids (except Shuckle) are soloable. Building teams to solo them is essential if you play alone in an area with not many players.

In other words, you were very close to winning and if you tried again, you would have a good chance.

Well with TTar you are sure you will get something at least decent in the next one.
About tier 3 raids now they seem to appear more often so i would consider them as probably your best option for TMs, most of them with lvl 30-35 mons can be soloed and in most cases a lot of posible counters are easy getting wild directly at that level

You’re at a college and there isn’t a PoGO community there? Kinda surprising. Try to form one. Talk to other gamers, see if there’s a facebook messenger/discord/telegram group for it, etc. Being in a community makes so many things possible and/or easier.

If there really isn’t one there, start one. All the PoGO players there will benefit. Good luck.

There’s sort of one on Facebook for the city I live in, but I don’t know what everyone is doing or if they go to the same college as me

Given that my guess is that you probably don’t want to drive to much stuff, you might consider staying local, and finding or forming a community on campus. Just getting info about where the good quests are, whether you can form groups large enough to do higher level raids, etc., makes the game a lot more manageable. Can’t recommend this strongly enough.

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I’m not sure if I can do this, because I’m not a very social person, in real life.

Why would you raid timburr? I did one weather boosted and then back to heatran.

I get roughly the same rare candy as I would do timburr candy (more flexible)
I get loads more rewards, TMs, potions, revives, etc.
I get more dust and XP

A high level timburr will anyway be useless as I intend to trade it (maybe lucky) to save some candy and the IVs will be totally changed, even if they are not too important to start with.

I won´t be evolving it until I need fighting for something that my Machamp/lucario squad can´t handle. Else I´m waiting for it to be available in the wild or get a community day.