Waana give Norne one of the TP bows +skill if poss

Okay, so I dont have a midori so CF+Spendthrift is off the table for now and i dont see myself getting the units to merge the manuals into but im actually building norne so i want to give her something fun.

how she is rn

Jakob is a panic smoke effect which could be useful but runs the risk of getting the stupid negated debuff replacement issue with unity/f!ike and bracing blow isnt the greatest fit for because she’d prefer def/res on ep phase over her turn.

Niles’ bow is probably more securely useful with the guard effect but then i cant get the third tier atk/spd link,which i think would be useful for her but she has spd/def link already, should feed her a blow and take swift sparrow 2 instead?

Because i dont think atk/spd link is on anything not seasonal.

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If you want a super defensive Norne, Devilish Bow is the best choice.

By running Devilish Bow, Norne frees up her A and B slots to run CC/CF, Fort. Def/Res, DD4, Lulls, NFU, NCD, and any other useful Infantry skills. Besides, if you ever change your mind you could always give Panic Smoke to Norne.


Atk/spd link is only seasonal, the only way to receive one without spending orbs is with the NY! fjorm if you use the divine codes. As for which is better it depends on where you would use this Norne. You could use jakob’s bow with guard, but if you keep it budget I would go with Niles. There are some good skills that inflicts guard, but they are premium, and there are a lot of 3/4 stars heroes that inflicts panic. If she is meant for arena or for AR Defence I could see a use of Jakob’ bow as the free to play panic smoke.


Im going to give her devilish bow to be honest.


I still run into many Panic Ploy users in Arena and Aether Raids and they gave me quite some trouble because I don’t use / have units that benefit from panic. On one hand, Monstrous Bow can turn the tides on really high arena teams where everyone uses dual rally+. Yet getting on that level is a bit tiresome since it’s also full of super expensive units that score the same as your team without an expensive assist and, therefore, not giving buffs to their allies, making panic unable to work sometimes.

Devilish Bow on the other hand can only be countered by Byleth and it slows the activation of Bold / Vengeful / Special fighters and other skills that accelerates special trigger during combat. There are many situations where the special completely turns the tide of combat and make some units look invincible (like Brave Edelgard).

I’d go for Niles and get Swift Sparrow 2 and Devilish Bow+. Just don’t forget to pick Death Blow 1 or Darting Blow 1 from another unit. While Atk/Spd Link is too limited, I don’t think it’s a big necessity over other valuable B skills and Norne already has a good link.