Waifu Wars Revival RESULTS

The long war has come to an and at last. After many hardships, singing and dancing her heart out has finally borne fruit. The winner of the GamePress Waifu Wars is none other than…

the lovely Dorothea from Three Houses!

Also shoutouts to the ladies who represented their respective games:
Minerva, Genny, Ayra, Ishtar, Idunn, Ninian (overall runner up!), Tana, Titania, Tiki, Lucina, Felicia, Velouria, Laegjarn, and of course the winner, Dorothea!

That concludes the Waifu Wars, and so peace can once again reign on GamePress. Probably.


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You’re the best Disco


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Fucking threw velouria under the bus lol

W-what are you talking about? :thinking:
Just realized I threw Laegjarn under the bus too

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Yay for Dorothea!

Aw Ninian didn’t win

Congrats to Dorothea tho

Ninian didn’t win

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Titania didn’t win so the poll is false

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Well no idea of who’s she but congrats! :birbpeek: (wish that at least Ninian were the winner oh well :elisad:)

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Ninian is the winner in my heart

This was fun though! I enjoyed this revival. I didn’t imagine I’d get so invested into a waifu competition. Congratulations to Dorothea, she deserves it.

claps obnoxiously

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I’m so proud of her




dorothea isn’t even the best girl in the black eagles but okay

You're right

It’s actually Edelgard


Congrats for Dorothea!

I’ll just stay in my corner and mourn the loss of Laegjarn.Don’t mind me.