Waifu Wars - Voting Poll - Round 1! - SD/MotE/NMotE (Poll ended)

This is the first ever, I think, Waifu War! Rules are, kinda, simple. Each round, the waifus of each game, in FE, that are in FEH only, compete against each other. Once the voting ends and a waifu is victorious, the next game’s waifus compete against each other. After each game’s waifus compete and one waifu wins, all the waifus that won compete against each other to determine one thing: who is the best FEH waifu! This first round is Shadow Dragon/Mystery of the Emblem/New Mystery of the Emblem. And the waifu’s alts, if they have any, are taken into account too. (These rounds exclude lolis, cause the FBI exists, you know. And if you like husbandos, @RoyAhoy has made a poll for that. Check that out if you are interested. And this poll ends at 8:00 P.M.)

  • Caeda
  • Linde
  • Minerva
  • Palla
  • Catria
  • Est
  • Sheena
  • Katarina
  • Clarisse
  • Athena

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(Again, these are about waifu’s in FEH, not just all of FE.)

(And I’m not voting on this. I want to see what you guys think.)

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Not the best field of female characters to choose from, but I quite like Athena, so she gets my vote

Athena? Lol that’s unexpected.

And don’t worry, @HeavenlyTempest. The future games have more waifus. Well get there soon enough.

ez pz

I like her artwork, I like her voice actress, I like her statline. Easy enough for me :D

It is but you somehow seem to have managed to get it wrong anyway :feh_confused:

The poll got it wrong Gordin wasnt available


Why always waifus?
It’s already boring to look at female characters beside of all the fanservice.

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Lol I don’t just look at FE characters for fanservice. I’m not that kinda guy. I just thought it would be fun to make this lol. Sorry if you don’t like that

Hawkeye better be on fe7.

I’ll take a hard pass on every other game

I’m not only a fan of FE cause waifus, btw. This is just a fun thing I made, and only for fun. If you don’t like that, don’t vote, or comment or whatever @Lain

Lol @The-beast

I mean I like Catria but I just gotta vote for my girl Katarina, She’s best girl and deserves the best.

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Since I’ve invested heavily in my Catria gotta give her the vote.

Catria has some good art, refine, fodder, She is powerful.
I like her.
Let’s go team catria.

I’d vote her tbh, but I don’t want to change the data in any way lol

But Est is Best! And she slaughters the rest