Waifu Wars - Voting Poll - Round 4! “Fae? Never heard of her...” - The Binding Blade (Poll Ended)

Round 3 Results! (Click this)

The winner of round 3 is Ishtar!

1st Place: Ishtar!
2nd Place: Ayra!
3rd Place: Ethlyn!
4th Place: Lene
5th Place: Nanna
6th Place: Olwen
7th Place: Tailtiu
8th Place: Julia
9th Place: Deidre
10th Place: Lachesis
11th Place: Silvia
Ishtar, Caeda, and Mae are all apart of the final ordeal…however, out of the waifus in the final ordeal, who’d you pick? (Comment below)

Now onto the Gameboy Advance, with The Binding Blade! Again, take into account that alts, if the characters have any, matter in voting, too, so just Lilina and Cecilia (once you see Cecilia’s alt, you’ll see her completely differently). Leave your votes down below. And, yet again, lolis, or in this case Fae, are not classified as waifus, the FBI is everywhere, okay? Please leave your input below!

  • Fir: Kind and fair swordswoman. Looks to fight the best swordplay opponents. image
  • Lilina: A kind, caring, and optimistic noble of Ostia. image
  • Sophia: Shy and quiet shaman of Nabata. Can see the future. image
  • Idunn: Zephiel’s puppet. Wants to bring “peace”. image
  • Gwendolyn: Determined and strong armored knight, in training. image
  • Shanna: Jumpy, cheerful and charming pegasus knight. Thea’s younger sister. image
  • Thea: Calm, caring and devoted mercenary. Shanna’s older sister. image
  • Cecilia: Kind and passionate. Roy’s former teacher. image
  • Sue: Quiet, calm and peaceful archer. image
  • Clarine: Rich and entitled noble daughter of Count Reglay of Etruria. image

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  4. Polls end a little earlier (5 minutes earlier, that way the next poll starts at 7:00 PM PT and 10:00 PM ET.)
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Thanks to your feedback, I was able to change some things that messed up the format. So, thanks! Hopefully I won’t have to change the format anymore, so it can be consistent. Leave feedback by commenting below or personally messaging me. And please let me know if this format is good or not, I’ve been, sorta, having fun making it. Have a good one!

Round 3: Waifu Wars - Voting Poll - Round 3! “Some waifus, some powercrept waifus.” - GotHW and Thracia 776 (Poll Ended)

Next Round: The Blazing Blade

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Also I want to be completely genuine, thank you guys so, so much for the votes and replies. I really didn’t think this would get any traction, but you guys proved me wrong. Not only did my first poll for Waifu Wars get 72 votes, it got 89 replies. That’s crazy to me. In fact, the second poll got 85 voters and 115 replies. Yes, I know a lot of those replies were mine lol, and yes, I know that this may not seem that big to people, but I just want to say thanks so much! I feel like people don’t really thank people enough, so hopefully you get how thankful I am. Now I know, this is the one millionth time, but, genuinely, thanks, for the votes and replies.

Hope you guys like the new format. I was worried it wouldn’t work.


Again, I always forget to put this in the description, but I’m not voting. I want to see you guys input.

But if I could vote, it would be hard. So many choices lol

And, btw, shoutout to @SweetiePie for helping me discover how to make the text easier to go through.


Love the format. Not terribly big nor microscopic (and the mini descriptions, too XD). How’d you do it? html img src?

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Starting to get tough on this poll too, but previously I had picked Mae. Neither one of the other two had gotten top spot.

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No Igrene to make this choice tougher.

So easy click for the Boots with the Fir!


I feel like this won’t be a prevalent opinion, but I think Idunn is hot. The art was amazing! And I think the different eye colors are really attractive.


Idunn is attractive, but I’m leaning a bit more towards Thea or Cecilia. Thea, because she just looks cute to me, and Cecilia, because… W! Cecilia. That is all. W! Cecilia would be my Waifu if it wasn’t for NY Gunnthrá.

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Heterochromia is really cool-looking. I dunno why, but it’s just alluring like that


I was torn between voting for her or Clarine, went with Clarine, because she scares me more :flushed:

But Clarine is annoying and rude lmao. I’m not judging.

I don’t know…
I didn’t really like W! Cecelia all that much. Don’t get me wrong, she is a great waifu, but she isn’t that great to me.

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Yeah. It depends on what you like in appearances.

Exactly! (Actually I voted for her out of pity, since I really don’t have a favorite out of them - if Idunn wasn’t armored…)

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@LeadChips And, I don’t know if I’m alone in this, but I hate Lilina, because her voice. She’s so annoying.
Lilina: Oh you!.. YOU’RE SUCH A CURious one!!

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All these waifus in this poll, minus Clarine and Lilina, in my opinion, are all pretty good waifus. That’s why it’s hard to chose. This may be the hardest to choose on yet. (Even though I’m not voting)

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Oh I completely agree. I don’t think her art can make up for the rest of what’s wrong with her.


Just imagine if we actually had Igrene in the game though! Instead of you know, basically everyone but myself remembering she exists at all.

Dat beauty mark tho!

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Okay, so… umm… I never played the Binding Blade lmao. Who’s that?